I.T. Co. has the long-term experience in the creation of a variety of components of information solutions for public authorities and integrated solutions for federal- and regional-level public administration.

I.T. offers a package of services for the creation of regional information and communication technology (ICT) development and use policy and specific regional information support programs and individual events based on the assessment of the current ICT condition in a constituent entity of the Russian Federation. 

Our services and solutions based on the best world and domestic techniques and practices fully comply with the applicable Russian Laws and account for the characteristics of the legislative and regulatory framework of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

I.T. Co. provides services and solutions ensuring an integrated and coordinated approach to solving regional information support tasks to the benefit of the public administration: 

ICT strategy buildup and implementation services

  • Integrated surveying of the regional information support (ICT sphere) condition and drafting of reports based on survey results
  • Development of documents for the creation and implementation of the public ICT policy of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation 
  • Regional information support expert review and consultations
  • Development and improvement of regulatory and legal documents regulating the ICT activities of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation
  • Development and implementation of electronic administrative rules
  • Formalization and improvement of administrative procedures, rules and business processes, both internal (in-house and interagency) and external, for the population and economic entities.
  • Development and implementation of large-scale integrated projects 

IT infrastructure of regional information support

  • Data transmission networks 
  • Data processing center 
  • Information systems management subsystems
  • Integral security system 
  • System-wide software 
  • E-mail and media of message exchange 
  • Administration's situation center

Application systems

  • Protected electronic document management
  • Electronic archives
  • Retrieval analysis information systems
  • Budget planning and forecasting
  • Socioeconomic development monitoring, analysis and forecasting systems

"Electronic Government" solutions

  • Electronic Administrative Rules
  • Public authorities' portals
  • Solutions based on multifunctional social cards (transport card, student's card, medical card, migrant's card) 
  • Region/city integrated security system creation solutions
  • Solutions for public health and medical care management 
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Civil servants and people training and retraining