Reforming engineering and information support for the training process and implementation of information technology enables Russian institutions of higher education to attain a state-of-the-art level and materially improve the education services quality.

Over 10 years, I.T. has actively cooperated with universities and colleges and offers a systematic approach to the automation of educational institutions based on:

  • the use of integrated solutions ensuring end-to-end automation of the higher education institution activity and the most efficient investment at the information system building phase and guaranteeing ownership cost minimization at the system operation and evolution phase
  • the use of innovative technologies and solutions tested in practice and becoming actually standard solutions in the implementation of various applications
  • solution openness and adaptability, expandability, development of new application systems based on different technologies
  • system operational reliability, security, confidential information protection 
The I.T.'s integrated solution for universities/colleges consists of the software ─ IT-University modular information system, multifunctional smart cards and university/college IT infrastructure.

The integrated solution configuration:

IT-University: university/college management

  • Electronic dean's office
  • Accounting Department
  • Electronic document management
  • HR management
  • Material and equipment resource accounting and control

IT-University: services

  • Library
  • Access control
  • Catering service payment
  • Training process information support

Multifunctional university/college card

  • Unified access identifier
  • Payment instrument
  • Personal information storage

Unified data storage

University/college IT infrastructure

  • Multiservice campus-wide network
  • Intelligent building systems
  • Data processing centers