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Transport and logistics

I.T. Co. has gained solid industry expertise and extensive experience in the implementation of IT projects for all segments of the transport industry — air, sea and land transport, logistic companies as well as for public authorities that control and regulate the transport sector. 

A wide range of solutions and services are offered by I.T. Co. — from basic technological and infrastructural solutions to integrated business process automation systems, business analysis systems, managerial solutions forecasting and support — this makes it possible to efficiently solve any information support tasks of a haulage company and ensures the selection of the optimal cost and capability solutions.

The availability of a powerful pool of highly qualified personnel and network of regional branches and recourse centers of I.T. Co. located in 20 regions guarantees high-quality and prompt implementation of any projects in any region, operation with account for a geographically distributed pattern of transport facilities.

I.T. Co.'s solutions and services for haulage enterprises and logistic companies:

ECM systems

  • BOSS-Referent EECM system based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform 
  • BOSS-Referent EECM system based on IBM FileNet platform
  • iReferent mobile application 
  • Services for data migration from obsolete "recording" IT systems during transition to BOSS-Referent system 

Systems for identification of location and vehicle movement control

  • Vehicle movement control system based on the radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology
  • AeroScout solutions based wireless object location identification system

HR management solutions and services

  • BOSS-Kadrovik automated HR management system 
  • Payroll accounting outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of personnel and design groups

CRM systems and servicing systems

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 
  • Passenger information system

Information infrastructure

  • LANs and data transmission networks
  • Data processing centers (DPCs)
  • Information security systems