The development of information technology over the recent decade has led to a real revolution in the banking and finance sector. The use of telecom networks, e-payment instruments, banking analysis and information applications has made it possible, in addition to improve the efficiency of banking sector existing account management technology, to offer the clients a number of completely new banking services.

Currently, the following are the priority directions of banking information support:

  • E-banking
  • Corporate risk management, banking analysis
  • Client relationship quality management
  • Information management 
  • Information security 
  • Bank IT infrastructure 
  • IT asset management 
I.T. Co. gained powerful industry expertise and extensive experience in the implementation of IT projects for banking, financial and insurance sectors.

We offer the following solutions and services:

Automated bank offices

Establishment of bank mini-offices using multifunctional self-servicing devices that substitute an operating cash desk. The proposed solution allows us to provide as wide a range of services as possible with relatively low costs by minimizing the operations required in case of personal contact with a bank employee.

Financial settlements system for financial sector organizations

An efficient mechanism that helps to solve a lot of tasks: to perform financial due diligence, consolidate information, generate statistics and analyze the financial market alteration dynamics.

Client relationship systems

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft, IBM, Oracle process platforms based web portal for client servicing

Bank IT infrastructure

  • Network infrastructure 
  • Data processing center (DPC) 
  • Centralized systems for IT infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Combined communication systems
  • Unified communication systems
  • Videoconferencing systems
  • Congress systems
  • Multimedia halls

Information security systems

  • Information security due diligence
  • Network security systems
  • Cryptoprotection
  • Unauthorized access protection
  • Virus protection
  • Application and DBMS security
  • Personal data protection in the enterprise information system

Bank ECM systems

  • BOSS-Referent EECM system based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform 
  • BOSS-Referent EECM system based on IBM FileNet platform
  • iReferent mobile application 
  • Services for data migration from obsolete "recording" IT systems to BOSS-Referent
  • OpenText 

Asset inventory and accounting management systems

  • I.T.-AI inventory system based on the use of the radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology and 2D barcoding

HR management solutions and services

  • BOSS-Kadrovik automated HR management system 
  • Payroll accounting outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of personnel and design groups