Health care 

Health care

The Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation has developed the Public Health Information Support Concept during recent years. Within the concept, the creation of an information system for personalized record-keeping of medical care provision for nationals of the Russian Federation in the framework of granting government guarantees in provision of free medicare to people; creation and development of analysis information systems (including electronic libraries, public healthcare workers information networks and expert systems); development of personal patient health monitoring technology (such technology use practice is particularly demanded to monitor the health status of pancreatic diabetes and blood vessel diseases patients) is stipulated.

RINTECH, an I.T. Group company, offers a package of services for goal setting and the implementation of information systems for healthcare institutions, including the development of the regulatory framework, standards and data exchange protocols. RINTECH develops, implements and maintains software.

Healthcare information support

  • Healthcare industry consulting services
  • Development of concepts and programs for regional information support
  • Development of the regulatory framework for regional-level healthcare IT implementation
  • Designing information systems
  • Custom software development
  • Implementation of specialized medical information systems for compulsory medical insurance market players
  • Healthcare electronic services systems
  • • Integrated solutions using universal compulsory medical insurance electronic cards and policies
For more healthcare services and solutions details please see the RINTECH's (I.T. Group) website   

IT infrastructure

  • Network infrastructure 
  • Data processing center (DPC) 
  • Centralized systems for IT infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Combined communication systems
  • Unified communication systems
  • Information security systems

Information security systems

  • Information security due diligence
  • Network security systems
  • Cryptoprotection
  • Unauthorized access protection
  • Virus protection
  • Application and DBMS security
  • Personal data protection in the enterprise information system