Oil and 

Oil and Gas

Oil and gas sector companies' need in usage of state-of-the-art IT solutions is determined by a number of factors: geographic scale of business, complicated multidivisional structure, higher security requirements, the necessity to comply with global standards. 

I.T. Co. has cooperated closely with oil and gas sector companies operating in fuel production, transportation and sales and provided a systematic approach for the automation of different business processes for many years.

Integrated automation of petroleum product sales management

The solution of I.T.-Oil allows for the organization of the centralized management of the distribution network of petroleum product supply companies and covers:

  • head office
  • regional offices
  • oil tank farms
  • fuel filling stations and full service filling stations, gas filling stations, NGV-refueling compressor stations
  • shops at fuel filling stations
Implementation and support of the I.T.-Oil system is performed by I.T. Smart Systems, an I.T. Group company. For more details on the I.T.-Oil solution please see the web site 

Smart card-based loyalty system

  • One-time impersonal purchase discounts
  • Accumulation discount schemes
  • Bonus programs
  • Combined schemes, including elements of bonus and accumulation discount schemes
  • Prepayment cards
For more details on buyer loyalty system buildup solutions please see the web site 

Business applications

  • ERP systems
  • ECM systems
  • Analytical systems
  • Portal solutions
  • Client relationship systems
  • Budgeting and performance management systems
  • Fixed asset management automation systems
  • Asset inventory and accounting management systems 
  • HR management automation systems

IT infrastructure

  • Network infrastructure 
  • Data processing center (DPC) 
  • Centralized systems for IT infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Combined communication systems
  • Unified communication systems
  • Multimedia solutions: conference halls, congress systems, videoconferencing systems

Information security systems

  • Information security due diligence
  • Network security systems
  • Cryptoprotection
  • Unauthorized access protection
  • Virus protection
  • Application and DBMS security
  • Personal data protection in the enterprise information system
Among the most efficient integrated information security solutions, I.T. Co. offers a centralized enterprise information security monitoring and management system — Security Vision — developed on the base of the Cisco technology.

Automated dispatch control systems

Security, utility, and emergency prevention systems at oil/gas company facilities

IT outsourcing

  • IT infrastructure support outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of personnel and design groups