The main trend in the development of today's retail and wholesale enterprises is the implementation of automated systems providing management functions at all levels of the organization chart and making it possible to maintain different types of accounting simultaneously: financial, accounting, tax, managerial, warehouse etc.

Implementation of new topical solutions enables enterprises to improve the efficiency of the client and vendor relationship, optimize infrastructure costs, control sales, procurement, storage, and logistics processes, manage cash turnover and many other opportunities to increase the overall business profitability.

The I.T. Group gained the powerful industry expertise and extensive experience in the implementation of IT projects for retail and wholesale enterprises.

We offer the following solutions and services:

Payment terminals

  • Self-collection is a solution for trade enterprises with a continuous turnover of disposable funds that makes it possible to carry out collections independently using self-servicing devices irrespective of the bank business hours 
  • Self-scanner is a solution for retail enterprises offering goods and services for cash using an automated self-scanner
  • Storefronts and info terminals is a solution for retail enterprises and various service providers based on the use of information terminals making it possible to arrange electronic catalogs of goods and services 
For more details of self-servicing solutions please see the web site of Advanced Self-Servicing Systems (the I.T. Group)    

Smart card-based loyalty system

The loyalty system provides a powerful toolkit for the buildup of client loyalty programs, including:

  • one-time impersonal purchase discounts
  • accumulation discount schemes
  • bonus programs
  • combined schemes, including elements of bonus and accumulation discount schemes
  • prepayment cards
For more details on buyer loyalty system buildup solutions please see the web site    

Client and vendor relationship systems

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

IT infrastructure of trading enterprise

  • Network infrastructure 
  • Data processing center (DPC) 
  • Centralized systems for IT infrastructure monitoring and management
  • Combined communication systems
  • Unified communication systems

Information security systems

  • Information security due diligence
  • Network security systems
  • Cryptoprotection
  • Unauthorized access protection
  • Virus protection
  • Application and DBMS security
  • Personal data protection in the enterprise information system

ECM systems of trading enterprise

  • BOSS-Referent EECM system based on Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform 
  • BOSS-Referent EECM system based on IBM FileNet platform
  • iReferent mobile application 
  • Services for data migration from obsolete "recording" IT systems to BOSS-Referent
  • OpenText 

Asset inventory and accounting management systems

  • I.T.-AI inventory system based on the use of the radiofrequency identification (RFID) technology and 2D barcoding

HR management solutions and services

  • BOSS-Kadrovik automated HR management system 
  • Payroll accounting outsourcing
  • Outsourcing of personnel and design groups