Energy efficiency 

Energy efficiency

I.T. Co. implements energy saving and energy efficiency improvement project on the following lines:
  • Urban and industrial lighting systems upgrading
  • Construction of mini-thermal power plant for the independent heat and power supply for enterprises
  • Upgrading city boiler houses

Financing schemes

I.T. implements the projects using a variety of financing schemes:
  • Energy service contract
  • Leasing
  • Private and public partnership mechanisms (including concession)
  • Supply by installments

Energy service contract

This financing scheme enables the client to upgrade its energy equipment without initial investment, as payments are to be made from client's savings due to energy saving.


I.T. Co. experts has the unique experience for Russia in performance of large-scale energy service contracts for industrial enterprises and municipalities.


Leading federal and regional banks and the Vnesheconombank Public Private Partnership Center are financial partners of I.T. Co. in the project implementation.

Leading world and Russian equipment manufacturers — Philips, Schreder, MWM, MTU, Saturn - Gas Turbines etc. — are I.T.'s technology partners.