HR consulting 

HR consulting

The HR system is one of the key subsystems in the overall enterprise management system; it has its own objects and subjects; the system is moved according to complicated structure business processes. 

BOSS. HR Systems, an I.T. Group company, provides HR consulting services.

During the client's human resource management (HRM) system buildup project, the company's consultants will help 

  • to optimize the HRM system business process structure 
  • to create the document workflow that determines the subject–object and subject–subject relationship 
  • to select efficient technologies for the implementation of each of the business processes 
  • to create the enterprise's local regulatory documents regulating HRM system operation 
  • to ensure the implementation of the business process system 
  • to pass on new technologies and knowledge to the client's personnel 

The scope of services to be provided: 

  • Business consulting in the field of HR management of the organization: 
Do you want to systematize the company's HR management activities? Do you want to have reliable and timely personnel information at all times for managerial decision-making? Do you want to spend just as much as is necessary on personnel and at the same time be sure that all tasks will be performed? Do you want to govern your company's HR management business processes more efficiently? If you answered YES at least once, please open the web page  
  • Consulting services in the automation of HR business processes of the enterprise/organization HR management system based on the BOSS-Kadrovik system  
A package of project consulting services provided by BOSS. HR Systems has a completed cycle. The company's consultants not only analyze the situation, draft proposals for efficient buildup of an automated HR management system, develop optimal technology for the automation of business process participants functions, but also provide BOSS-Kadrovik system settings and the implementation of automated business processes at the client's enterprise.
How to systematize / optimize the HR management activities? What staffing, personnel remuneration, quality and employees' work efficiency assurance, payroll accounting, HR record keeping, and other HR management processes of a present-day enterprise are necessary to ensure the attainment of the enterprise's business objectives? Can the state-of-the-art domestic HRM system – BOSS-Kadrovik – help in solving this problems? These and many other issues are studied in the framework of training courses. 

Operation principles: 

  • High quality 
  • Relationship reliability 
  • Systematic approach to implementation of enterprise HR management goals (HR management business processes) 
For more details please see the web site of BOSS. HR Systems