Payroll accounting 

Payroll accounting outsourcing

When providing the payroll accounting outsourcing service, I.T. Co. undertakes the responsibility to maintain the non-core processes for many enterprises thus enabling them to focus on their core business.

I.T. specialists will run payroll calculations and tax payment amounts, prepare and submit mandatory quarterly and annual statements, prepare the data for transfer into the client's accounting system. The client's involvement in this process is to deliver the input data in any convenient format and via any possible communication channels, including automated data uploading from the HR record-keeping system.

I.T. calculates any complex type of payroll accounting and development of additional analysis reports. Business process outsourcing will enable the client to reduce their own business unit workload on:

  • the Accounting and Finance departments in computation of various payments to personnel
  • the HR Department in the selection, training and incentives for payroll and benefits accountants
  • the IT Department in maintenance and upgrading the payroll accounting software
The payroll accounting service outsourcing includes:
  • payroll and tax payment computing
  • salary transfer
  • preparation of statements
  • submission of the statements to the Federal Tax Service and extra-budgetary funds
When providing the payroll accounting outsourcing services, we guarantee the client employees' personal data confidentiality, correct and timely payroll accounting, quick processing of HR and finance divisions' inquiries.

I.T. has been entered into the Register of Personnel Data Operators of the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media (Roskomnadzor) under number 11-0197843 that entitles it to provide payroll accounting and HR record keeping optimization services. 

For computation, I.T. uses an HRM system based BOSS-Kadrovik information system that is used at over 1000 large Russian enterprises.

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