Custom software 

Custom software development

Custom software development is the buildup of an original information system or special modules based on industrial solutions from large vendors and free software. Usage of proven process platforms, unlike system programming "from scratch", allows for the easy solution of the problems of processing speed, scalability, reliability, support, and future upgrading.

The Custom Software Development Center of I.T. Co. specializes in the creation of unique corporate systems based on the industrial platforms that make it possible to mitigate the implementation risks. Specialists from the Center have long-term experience in the development of large-scale custom information systems, including the creation of enterprise management systems, business process automation systems, information and business portals, sales support systems and other applications.

I.T. Co. has ISO 9001-2001 international quality certificate and exercises the industrial approach to program making in conjunction with usage of the state-of-the-art engineering infrastructure and advanced design tools.

I.T. specialists' practice and skills make it possible for high-quality project completion on schedule within the approved budget and in accordance with the client's goals and guarantee low risks due to the project management system and selection of optimal technologies and platforms.

The I.T. Co. Custom Software Development Center offers the following services:

  • design and development of enterprise information systems based on IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAS, Red Hat (JBoss) platforms and technologies 
  • maintenance and development of the existing systems
  • building of high performance service-oriented architectures (SOA 2.0)
  • free software-based development