IT consulting 

IT consulting

I.T. consultants having extensive hands-on IT consulting experience will help to solve many problems faced by the management of organizations, companies, and enterprises:
  • evaluation of conformance of the existing enterprise systems to the business characteristics and needs
  • organization of an efficient IT management structure
  • building the optimal architecture of enterprise information systems, computing and telecom infrastructure
  • evaluation of amount and efficiency of IT investments according to enterprise needs
  • selection of IT solutions most relevant for enterprise goals
I.T. Co. offers the following IT consulting services:

Information technology audit

Depending on the client's objectives in usage of the information technology, existing systems and hardware, I.T. specialists will carry out a detailed audit in the area of interest. The audit results will enable the client to assess the degree of IT conformity with the business needs, IT investment efficiency and feasibility, adequacy of IT resources provision etc. 

Our approach to audit organization and carrying out is based on using recognized international standards corresponding to the audit objectives or general standards (Cobit).

Working out of the IT development strategy

Development of recommendations on the directions for the development of the client's existing IT system at the specified planning horizon taking into account current and future business goals and information technology development trends. IT strategies are developed on the basis of careful audit and analysis of information systems to be used, IT infrastructure and management approaches.

Enterprise information systems use performance evaluation

Estimation of the current level of IT investment and assurance of their manageability based on the total ownership cost evaluation methodology (TCO, Gartner), including the current IT level audit, analysis of the investment structure and amount degree of adequacy to the business requirements, assessment of efficiency of IT service organization and IT management technology as well as enterprise IT systems servicing processes.

Improvement of various aspects of the IT management system

Clear understanding of the current status and potential needs of the IT management system makes it possible to successfully offer efficient solutions to clients in such areas as:
  • management of IT services
  • software and IT asset management
  • organizational reorganizations in IT management
  • business support IT integrity management

Development of business integrity strategies

The probability of man-made and natural disasters is rather high, a range of threats to business security is continuously growing, emergencies occur quite often in Russia. Therefore a new question arises before Russian companies:
  • What business integrity regulatory and procedural guidelines and requirements exist? How can work be organized appropriately in the framework of these activities?
  • How can an economically feasible enterprise business integrity management program be created and implemented?
  • What type of BCM solutions or services suits the company's needs most of all?
  • What tools for business integrity planning and management automation exist?
  • How can business integrity management be controlled?
  • How should one evaluate the costs for the support and maintenance of an enterprise business integrity management program?
Answers to these questions make it possible to create and implement a genuinely efficient and cost effective enterprise business integrity management program. Furthermore, to make the program transparent and clear both for the management and minor executives and for business partners and clients of the company.

Our approach to the construction of the enterprise business integrity management program is based on our own technique developed taking into account the recommendations of a number of internationally recognized standards: BS ISO 25999, PAS 56, ISO 27001, ITGI CobIT v4.1, ISO 20000.