IT outsourcing 

IT outsourcing

IT outsourcing is the assignment by a client of its current IT system support functions to a third-party IT company; furthermore, the contractor shall guarantee performance of these functions in compliance with the approved service level.

I.T. Co.'s outsourcing services for IT infrastructure technical support and business support ensure attainment of uninterrupted operability of enterprise information systems, mitigation of their operation failure risks and optimize the IT infrastructure development and operation costs. Individual servicing conditions shall be stipulated by a service level agreement (SLA) that may include various service charts from performance of scheduled works to urgent specialist site visit.

Thanks to the Service Desk unified user support information system, a simple and convenient procedure for request generation and requisition fulfillment monitoring irrespective of regional location of client's sites exists in I.T. Co.

I.T. offers the following IT outsourcing services:

Major services:

  • Workstation hardware and software system and technical support
  • User consulting support
  • Server and network equipment technical support
  • Integrated technical support and maintenance of the enterprise IT infrastructure
  • Enterprise services administration
  • Service support and equipment repair
  • Technical support of office printing enabling the transfer to payment per printed page
  • IT audit and consulting

Additional services:

  • IT equipment installation and pre-commissioning
  • Personnel outsourcing
  • IT move arrangement

Advantages of IT outsourcing services from I.T. Co.:

  • IT personnel cost reduction
  • Servicing quality improvement and downtime minimization
  • IT costs predictability
  • High level of responsibility and warranties to the client
  • The single entry point for solution of all IT service tasks
  • Transparent reporting system