Outsourcing of 
personnel and design groups 

Outsourcing of personnel and design groups

HR recruitment and management is of key importance for the implementation of IT projects. I.T. Co., understanding the importance of the HR aspect in the performance of the tasks, develops HR services intensively for the IT market, thus helping clients to find the best professionals and establish a working relationship with them correctly. The expertise in this field is concentrated in the dedicated I.T. Co. department — the Personality Center.

The I.T. Personality Center that has existed since 2005 provides a full range of services in terms of IT personnel management and recruitment for solving both permanent and temporary clients' IT tasks. Thus far, the department has completed a lot of projects for leading Russian and Western companies in different industries: oil & gas, metallurgy, FMCG, consulting and others.

Over the years of operation, the Personality Center has collected a database of the best IT specialists in various disciplines, developed recruitment, incentive, and HR management instruments, which make it possible to meet the clients' needs as soon as possible, and the extensive network of I.T. branches allows it to provide services at the regional level.

Personality Center's services:

  • Recruiting is a service for searching and hiring individual IT specialists to the client's staff according to the qualification requirements.
  • Formation and training of project teams for the client's staff: looking for personnel within the set time limits, development and implementation of actions for project team members training, delivery of experienced and trained specialists for staffing.
  • Temporary personnel lease: guaranteed meeting of the client's need in IT resources in compliance with the qualification, personnel numbers and services location requirements.

Personality Center's solutions:

  • Provision with the 1st line technical support personnel — annual scheduled renewal of the 1st line division, manageable staff rotation
  • Provision of task-force of highly qualified individual experts or teams — a resource outsourcing service for solving separate tasks in the framework of development or implementation of new information systems.