Network infrastructure 

Network infrastructure

Structured cabling systems

Structured cabling systems (SCS) of a building is a physical basis for LAN and a foundation for the office IT infrastructure. The high quality operation of all a company's information services depends on the correct selection, design and installation of SCS. 

To build structured cabling systems, I.T., in addition to international vendors' solutions (AMP, Microsens, Cable-Scout, Molex PN, Panduit, Legrand etc.), offers its own I.T.-SCS system. According to reputable research institution BSRIA, I.T.-SCS is among the three leaders of the Russian SCS market.

To administrate the complicated cabling and network infrastructure, I.T. Co. proposes to use a Cable-Scout system based solution, incorporating the functions of network resource inventory systems and unique capabilities of graphic data display. 

LAN and data transmission networks

I.T. specialists have gained extensive experience in designing both standard and nonstandard solutions. 

As a solution provider, I.T. works with a lot of vendors (Cisco, HP, D-Link, Enterasys Networks, ZyXEL, 3Com, AeroScout Marconi etc.) which makes it possible to combine various technologies, equipment and software in an optimal manner on each project.

I.T. Co. creates different-level network infrastructural solutions based on network equipment from leading international manufacturers:

  • LAN data transmission networks
  • Wireless data transmission networks 
  • Geographically-distributed networks
  • Main data transmission networks 
  • Radio-relay systems 
  • Wide-band fixed wireless access systems