Data processing 

Data processing centers

The infrastructure of data processing centers (DPCs) shall meet several key requirements: accessibility, capacity, readiness for changes, high reliability, and controllability. One of the basic principles for the selection of data center architecture and components is a modular design making it possible to scale more efficiently and substantially save on the facility that is planned for long-term operation but that develops continuously, adapting to new technologies.

When designing the computing and engineering infrastructure of DPC, I.T. Co. offers a choice of optimal components from different manufacturers (НР, ЕМС, IBM, Cisco, VMware, Fujitsu) and performs their detailed study case and integration into the single integrated solution which is cost efficient in operation and flexibly adjustable for specific tasks.

I.T. provides consulting services in business processes integrity and develops a DPC management strategy based on the ITIL methodology, including a data recovery plan after emergency (DRP). I.T.'s experience also includes the creation of disaster-proof DPCs for critical applications operation.

I.T. creates and maintains all subsystems of the data processing centers:

  • engineering infrastructure of DPC 
  • a monitoring and control system for DPC MEP systems
  • computing platforms 
  • clusters and supercomputers 
  • virtualization subsystem 
  • private cloud class solutions for virtualization and consolidation of enterprise information system users' tasks 
  • data storage subsystems 
  • backup and data recovery systems 
  • network infrastructure of DPC 
  • the overall DPC infrastructure monitoring and control subsystem 
  • security subsystem 
  • mobile DPCs 

Data storage systems

In addition to DPCs, I.T. creates data storage systems (DSS) that ensure reliable storage, low cost of ownership, high availability and convenient retrieval of enterprise information. Network data storage systems (Network Attached Storage, NAS) is the optimal solution for small and medium businesses and for branches of holding companies. With its relatively low cost, NAS ensures high performance and reliability. Data storage networks (Storage Area Network, SAN) suit large enterprises most of all. Scalability and more rational use of the disc space implied by this technology make it possible to optimize the investment in building the storage infrastructure as far as possible. 

If storage of large amounts of information is required, I.T. proposes to use a hierarchical storage model (HSM) that proposes hierarchical data separation depending on the degree of users' demand for the data. 

When building DSS's, I.T. uses systems and equipment from world vendors: HP, IBM, Fujitsu, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi, Sun, Cisco, Brocade.

Backup and data recovery systems

I.T Co.. implements state-of-the-art backup systems based on IBM, EMC, Microsoft, Symantec, HP technologies that support all types of remote copying, mirroring and replicating (including the online mode) of data from a variety of sources and also provides instruments for the convenient management of backup in heterogeneous IT infrastructure conditions.

Backup systems allow for full data retention. This guarantees complete data recovery as soon as possible, i.e. reduces the downtime.