Engineering infrastructure 

Engineering infrastructure

Uninterrupted power supply systems

Electric main voltage changes adversely influence the equipment operability and require the use of special protection facilities — uninterrupted power supplies (UPS's) and diesel generator plants.

UPS are irreplaceable in data, computer and telecom equipment protection. However, they are not designed for long-term load support and cannot provide the required protection of critical equipment during long-lasting power supply failures. In such cases combined use of UPS's and diesel generator plants is advisable. Projects using the UPS and diesel generator plant combination require accurate calculation of parameters taking into account many factors. 

I.T. Co. performs a package of work for the creation and upgrading of all engineering infrastructure components on the basis of the following equipment: F.G.Wilson, Gesan, Cummins, SDMO, APC, Powerware, Liebert-Hiross (Emerson).

Master clock systems 

Master clock systems make it possible to integrate an enterprise data communications network, telephone exchanges, video surveillance systems etc. into the common time space. The maximum effect from usage of exact time systems is attained when the master clock system is built as a fragment of the enterprise information system. 

I.T. offers services for the creation of exact time systems seamlessly integrated into the IT environment that may include: enterprise time systems and world time delivery systems. 

When building the industrial master clock systems, I.T. Co. uses the equipment, the clock rate error of which does not exceed +/-0.1 s/day: Mobatime Systems, Chasprom.

The solution to be created fully complies with the international standards and is open for upgrading.