IT infrastructure 
monitoring and management 

IT infrastructure monitoring and management

Software solutions for IT infrastructure monitoring and management

Usage of monitoring and management methods helps to plan the upgrading and development of the IT infrastructure, reduce a number of labor-intensive manual workstation setting up operations significantly, reduce information system maintenance and support costs and improve the service reliability.

Software solutions are selected individually for each client after detailed study of the IT infrastructure and IT-related business processes.

The Microsoft System Center is the most efficient solution for the management of Microsoft-oriented IT infrastructure. Its components enable: end-to-end control of IT environment management services; secure and scalable deployment of operating systems and applications; configuration, server, desktop PC and mobile device asset management and data storage system, Windows-environment backup and recovery management; data and application protection.

I.T. recommends specialized IBM Tivoli family software for large enterprises, the IT infrastructure of which is built using equipment and software from different vendors. It supports virtually all hardware platforms, operating systems, databases, business applications from any vendors (Microsoft, IBM, Oracle etc.) and includes the following systems:

  • monitoring and management of server and peripheral equipment, utility equipment, and workstation and server software
  • software and equipment configuration, software installation and updating management
  • business service availability management
  • control of the license clarity of the software installed at the enterprise
  • user technical support service automation
  • backup and data recovery in case of emergency
  • data storage and protection system management

Automated building management systems

I.T. Co. offers an integrated solution for the creation of an automated building management system. The solution includes the design and complete construction or building block equipping with utility automation and dispatching control systems, weak-current and power cable nets based on state-of-the-art technology. 

The integrated system ensures equipment monitoring, automatic or manual MEP systems operation control. 

In the framework of automated building management system development, I.T. Co. offers the creation of central control rooms of groups of buildings, situation rooms of facilities based on Siemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywell, Beckhoff, Danfoss, Kontar, Wonderware, Adastra equipment.

The automated building management system based on a weak-current process network using standardized Ethernet protocols and BACnet, LON, EIB/KNX, Modbus makes it possible to manage all building MEP systems responsible for: 

  • electric power supply 
  • lighting 
  • ventilation 
  • central and individual heat supply stations 
  • heating 
  • water supply/treatment 
  • cooling 
  • air conditioning 
  • elevators 
  • garages and car parking areas 
  • electric power metering 
  • energy management and energy saving 
  • heat energy metering 
  • gas detection 
  • environmental monitoring 
  • master clock system 
  • safety etc