ERP systems 

ERP systems

An ERP system is an Enterprise Resource Planning system designed to optimize all internal and external business processes. ERP systems make it possible to reduce operating, management, and commercial costs, to reduce the sales cycle, increase the inventory turnover, improve the fixed asset utilization etc. Global integration of all information flows in the framework of the integrated system allows for optimal information usage with a direct impact on the efficiency of managerial decision-making and responsiveness to market changes.

A state-of-the-art ERP system includes the following blocks:

  • Marketing evaluation of the market 
  • Product planning (creation)
  • Procurement management
  • Production management
  • Sales management
Implementing an ERP system at an enterprise is quite a long, labor-intensive and costly process. In order to mitigate risks as far as possible, I.T. consultants follow the implementation methodology developed by system producers, combine the best implementation practices and perform the overall package of work relating to the optimal selection of an ERP system, project team preparation for its implementation and project management.

The I.T. Co. proposes the following solutions: 

  • 1C: Manufacturing enterprise management