ECM systems 

ECM systems

Enterprise content management systems (Enterprise Content Management, ECM) are designed to solve the critical IT tasks relating to management, storage, and integration of documents and other unstructured information contained in various automated systems and business applications to be used at the enterprise. The ECM technologies are aimed at supporting operation with various type and format data throughout their lifecycle.

Thanks to the integration of an ECM system, the enterprise operation efficiency is improved, operating costs are drastically reduced and personnel teamwork quality is improved.

Functional capabilities of ECM systems include:
  • Document Management (DM) – registration, version control, security, and library services for business documents
  • Document Imaging (DI) – the complete cycle of processing paper documents, including their converting into electronic form and digitizing
  • Records Management (RM) – long-term archiving and automation of document saving in compliance with the regulatory requirements
  • Workflow management – supporting business processes and content routing in compliance with job specifications and statuses
  • Web Content Management (WCM) – automation of web master functions, as well as dynamic content and user interaction management
  • Document-Centric Collaboration – teamwork document processing and support for the project teams
I.T. Co. offers the implementation of ECM systems, electronic document management systems (EDMS), electronic archives and enterprise retrieval systems based on the following producers' solutions:
  • ECM Logic
  • Alfresco 
  • EMC Documentum
  • DocsVision
  • OpenText
  • ABBYY 
  • IBM FileNet
BOSS-Referent electronic document management system that has been sold under this name since 1996 is rightfully considered one of the Russian EDMS market leaders. Among all EDMS workstations installed in 2011, 16%, i.e. every 6th workstation is a BOSS-Referent system based (according to the Russian EDMS market review issued by DSS Consulting). The largest Russian EDMS in a government institution — the Federal Tax Service (FNS) — connecting over 120,000 users, and the largest "commercial" EDMS in MTS company ─ with over 25,000 employees, are built on the base of the BOSS-Referent platform.

The continuous development of the BOSS-Referent system has led to the appearance of new enterprise resource planning products created on its base and pertaining to the ECM class (Enterprise Content Management). The current name of the system does not reflect the overall range of new solutions any more, therefore the entire line of products has been renamed. The updated line of the products is named "ECM Logic" and currently includes 5 solutions: ECM Logic. EDMS, ECM Logic. Financial Documents, ECM Logic. Public Administration, ECM Logic. Mobile, ECM Logic. Stamp

For more details on implementing the ECM Logic EDMS please see the web site of Business Logics 2.0 

I.T. develops and implements enterprise retrieval systems intended for the retrieval of unstructured information in archives (texts, video, audio, graphic chart etc.) presented in more than 250 formats. I.T.'s solutions make it possible to retrieve not only in enterprise archives but also in file systems, DBMS's, enterprise mail and information systems, electronic document management systems, as well as in cloud storages, Internet, and other information resources.

In addition, I.T. offers a business service for the organization of the legally relevant electronic document management for large, medium and small businesses that makes it possible to improve significantly the efficiency of business processes relating to mutual finance settlements between vendors and clients. For more details please see the Unicloud's web site