HRM systems 

HRM systems

Through the provision of powerful management support tools for HR managers, the state-of-the-art IT solutions make it possible to optimize the HR management process, focus on management and strategic goals and to improve the overall HR management efficiency.

The I.T. Group is rightfully considered one of the strongest in the Russian IT market in terms of the HR practice. The extensive expertise in buildup and implementation of HR management automation systems is supported with hundreds of successful HRM system implementation projects at the largest Russian enterprises and public institutions.

I.T. offers implementation and maintenance services for the following HR management systems:
  • BOSS-Kadrovik
  • 1C:HR Management
The BOSS-Kadrovik solution developed and supported by BOSS. HR Systems (the I.T. Group) is an efficient tool that makes it possible to optimize the HR management business process at large organizations, holdings, and dynamic medium companies. Throughout its development history, the system has come a long way from an outsourced personnel inventory development and payroll job to an ERP full-featured HR management system. The BOSS-Kadrovik system is flexibly adjustable for the needs of enterprises and organizations of various scopes of activities, fundamentally different HR inventory and management schemes, remaining an ERP product continuously updated with the release of new versions.

The BOSS-Kadrovik system provides a common information space for all users, however, each of them has his/her authorized data and references access rights depending on the responsibilities and need-to-know authority.

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