Smart card 
based solutions 

Smart card based solutions

Multifunctional smart cards became customary and ingrained in our everyday lives long ago. 

I.T. Smart Systems (an I.T. Group company) offers a number of solutions implemented on the base of the I.T.-Card's in-house technology.

A smart card can be used as:

  • a pass to access rooms or information resources
  • a settlement instrument (in particular, a bank card)
  • a social task solving instrument
I.T. Smart Systems' solutions:
  • The universal electronic cards (UEC) based system
  • A multifunctional smart card based system for full service filling stations
  • An I.T.-University system for education institutions
  • A regional payment system
  • An enterprise payment system
  • Bank microprocessor-based smart cards
I.T. Smart Systems is one of the recognized leaders in creation of multifunctional smart card based systems. The extensive FEED experience has been gained and a lot of different complexity and scale projects using smart cards have been completed since 1993.

For more information on the company's products, please see the web site 

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