Fixed asset 
management systems 

Fixed asset management systems

Fixed asset management automation systems

Fixed assets account for a sizable proportion of the present-day assets of companies. Their maintenance and repair costs are one of the major cost items of the budget, and inefficient management of such funds causes significant financial losses, unscheduled shutdowns, and operation failures. Through competent management and optimization of asset servicing processes, the company develops its competitive edge and opens the latent opportunities to increase its own profitability.

Implementation of the automated fixed asset management systems makes it possible to reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs, increase its operation capacity and ensure the production process continuity.

For enterprise asset management, I.T. Co. offers leading market solutions that make it possible to manage different types of tangible assets, including industrial equipment, motor vehicle fleet, buildings and structures, warehouses, and IT assets: 

  • An industrial enterprise warehouse management system from I.T. Smart Systems

Asset inventory and accounting management systems

The IT-AI inventory system based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID) and 2D barcoding developed by I.T. Co. is an efficient tool for property accounting and inventory process automation.

I.T. offers integrated solutions using the automatic identification technology for fixed asset inventory, stock control automation, identification of motor vehicles, library and book stock record automation.

The solutions include:

  • documentary project tracking in compliance with the automation system standards and guidelines
  • software supply
  • marking equipment supply (barcode printers)
  • readout equipment supply (data collection terminals, barcode scanners)
  • overall consumables range supply
  • warranty and service maintenance
Due to I.T.-AI usage, a client enterprise achieves the following:
  • complete transparency in fixed asset accounting 
  • easier taking of a physical inventory 
  • reduction in physical inventory time 
  • decrease of errors when verifying the physical inventory results 
  • reduction in tangible costs for property acquisition 
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