Import Substitution 

Import Substitution

In scope of the sanctions from a number of Western countries, risks to business continuity have skyrocketed for hundreds of leading Russian corporations. For example, during the last months American IT developers were among the first to stop working with Russian customers, Due to numerous Russian companies being critically dependent on importing IT products, and this step threatens to render the whole IT system of the country inoperative. Russian companies are faced with a challenging task: to realize the import substitution strategy for Russian IT industry, both short and long-term. 

I.T. Co. unique experience in development, implementation and exploitation of Russian products and technologies allows us to offer not only separate products, but develop integrated solutions to decrease risks of dependency on imported components. Our import substituting solutions are successfully operated by Russian state and corporate organizations from all around the country.

IT Infrastructure: Modernization, Security, Support

  • Wide range of solutions and services for development of information and engineering objects infrastructure: structured cable systems, communication systems, complex automation systems, automated dispatch management systems, power supply systems, objects security systems, etc.
  • Open source IT solutions complex, including Linux-based OS, Zimbra corporate mail, Atlassian and JIRA-based integrated solutions, Nagios and Zabbix based IT resource monitoring and management solutions and much more. Involvement in development of IT components of the strategy for transition to new-generation networks.
  • I.T. VCS corporate videoconferencing system, based on Russian leading VideoMost technology. I.T. VCS is an integrated hardware and software solution that delivers HD video conferencing, cooperative work with documents, application and desktop demonstration for conference members.
  • Unique Russian system for corporate mobile workspace organization, WorksPad, providing secure viewing and editing office documents on corporate file resources from mobile devices. For additional security, WorksPad + ViPNet bundle, developed together with InfoTeCS company, the developer of GOST-certified ViPNet VPN.
  • Technical support services for hardware and software systems, additional warranty and post-warranty services for various IT infrastructure components.

Systems for Key Management and Business Processes Automation

  • ESM Logics digital corporate document management and storage system solutions, based on both proprietary and open source (Alfresco and JBOSS) solutions. ESM Logics solution enables elevation of compliance standards, introduction of modern management practices and centralization of a wide range of management functions.
  • BOSS-Kadrovik HR management and payroll system. The system is an integrated solution for HR management, payroll accounting and tax reporting, providing unified HR policy control, employee fees and implementation of modern HR management practices.
  • Russian solution for asset control and management I.T. AI (Automated Identification), handles materials management by automating logistics, asset and maintenance accounting using automated identification, including RFID, and control and visibility of spare parts during production and shipping.
  • Hardware solutions General access terminal is a secure information terminal for easy access to informational resources by geographically dispersed company's employees. The solution provides personalized access to HR services, paperless documentation flow, resource and task planning, reporting, work time accounting and rate setting, technological chain consulting and more.

Business Process Optimization Systems

  • BPM Logics projects and technologies family for developing agile and configurable end-to-end business processes to enable operations effectiveness management and risks, and cost effectiveness analysis. BPM Logics solutions and approaches assist in optimization of primary and supplementary processes in both major holdings and standalone organizations. 

Additional Services

  • Consulting in IT strategy and major project management (including resource and service outsourcing), IT and project solutions audit, development of decision-making solutions and analytic systems for operative integrated big data analysis.
  • Consulting for process management development and optimization. We also offer business process description and optimization services, development of balanced KPI systems and other services.