Express Services 

Express Services

No time for complex projects with distant results? 
Need specific recommendations from subject matter specialists? 
Urgent needs for IT cost optimization? 
Have to choose an IT solution today? 

We offer effective express services that will allow you to achieve considerable results in short terms and gather important recommendations without waiting for completion of your projects.

The list below comprises standard services and is customizable 
  • The terms provided are estimate and depend on the scale of a project and a company 
  • Service costs provided are the average costs for similar projects and are subject to further discussions and assessments (excluding costs of transportation) 

Express IT Audit

IT audit is an independent assessment of specific IT activities and development of recommendations for its optimization with customer's IT needs and business processes in mind 

IT Costs Optimization

Experience shows that the majority of IT services have a potential to decrease costs by 20-25% with no decrease in quality. 

IT Management

We offer a wide range of IT management related express services, from development of regulations and regulation management mechanisms to long-term IT strategies. 

IT Infrastructure Assession and Planning

For normal operation of IT systems, and development of secure data storage environment, it is essential to regularly assess and plan your IT infrastructure development. 

IT Security

IT security services include penetration testing and development of recommendation for rising security awareness. 

Software Asset Management and License Audit

How efficient is your software budget? Do you know who uses which software in your company? License audit and software asset management services will elevate your understanding of your company's software assets, where and how effectively are they utilized, and how can you decrease license transgression expenses by illuminating risks of legal prosecution from license owners. 

Business Continuity Assessment

The main goal of business continuity assessment is reviewing organization's IT structure and discovering opportunities for securing continuous business operations and decrease of expenses in case of emergency. The procedure may also include assessment of backup processes and hardware failover protection and emergency recovery analysis.