Stream Data 

Stream Data Input

I.T. Co. offers retrospective conversion services: streamed document scanning from various media and bulk input of data into a digital archive. 

Retrospective conversion (retroconversion) of documents on any media is implemented using Canon scanning, ABBYY text recognition and other specialized hardware and software manufacturers' technologies as well as with I.T. Co. proprietary solutions, allowing easy digitizing of any documents and objects.

Retroconversion equipment and technology leasing is available as a part of this service, as well as outsourcing the whole digitalization cycle, including compliant document attribution, to experienced specialists. Engaging specialists with necessary qualification on a by-contract basis and with guaranteed quality eliminates possible overmanning.

Benefits of retrocoversion and stream data input include:
  • Elevation of document management efficiency, both for paper and digital documentation
  • Guaranteed safety and preservation of documents
  • Decrease of document management time costs
  • Operative delivery of documentation from regional branches and offices to headquarters
During specified time time limit, I.T. Co. can transform customer's archive or document collection into an easily manageable digital array optimized for customer's specific needs.

For additional information on stream input services, see: http://ecm.blogic20.ru/logikaecm/stream-input