Free Software 
Based Solutions  

Free Software Based Solutions

Determination to decrease cost of ownership of IT systems in scope of budget limitations, issues of national security, independence from Western developers and import substitution policies make free software a promising and efficient option. Currently, a large number of Russian businesses and organizations use free corporate software platforms or their elements in their IT systems. The share of free software in Russian market is expected to grow during following years.

The key factor for successful utilization of free software in state and business operations is the choice of a competent, experienced and reliable contractor. For many years, I.T. Group has been successfully participating in development, implementation and support of free software based IT systems for medium and large organizations.

IT Infrastructure Management

  • Infrastructure Virtualization 
IT infrastructure virtualization enables high levels of availability for corporate IT systems and decrease budget costs by server consolidation and maintenance automation, as well as minimize scheduled and unscheduled downtime. 

I.T. Co. offers reliable optimized virtualization solution that includes following integrated open source components: KVM hypervisor, OpenVZ hypervisor, Cman manager, Corosync manager, Proxmox VE virtualization management console.
  • Free Software Based Office 
I.T. Co. offers an integrated complex solution for corporate network management, including user directory and Internet access management. The solution allows to deploy an automated user directory, authorization and access management system, deploy an LDAP server, and offers a wide range of services (DNS, DHCP, proxy server, domain policy and printer management etc). 

Function-wise, the solution is similar to costly proprietary solutions, but is suitable for heterogeneous IT environments and can act as a primary or secondary domain controller, and also can be utilized as a single sign-on system.

  • Corporate level monitoring. IT infrastructure and business process operation control 
IT infrastructure monitoring allows for operative retrieval of fault and error information in IT systems, deployment of automated failure reaction procedures, and assess IT infrastructure and business processes state. 

I.T. Co. offers deployment of a multipurpose system for continuous surveillance and availability control for local network services, servers and network equipment. The solution is developed based on Zabbix open source technological platform. The solution allows for control over practically unlimited number of devices, applications and parameters, is outstandingly agile in control and notification adjustments and operative and management reporting. 

One particular area of application for the solution is business process monitoring. In this case, services are represented as a tree hierarchy of triggers, with each linked to an incident, with an elementary service related to every trigger. A combination of such elementary services forms a controllable business service or business process.

  • Centralized IT resource management and inventory control 
I.T. Co. offers integrated solutions for inventory control and remote control of automated user workstations and other IT infrastructure element. 

The system enables retrieval of operative and reliable information on workstation hardware and software statuses, inventory reporting, server and workstation remote control and function management. 

The solution is particularly beneficial for companies with a large number of automated workplaces. 
The IT Resource Management solution comprises a number of open source products, including: 

- OCS Inventory NG – inventory control and software management; 
- VNC Server – remote server and workstation manager;
- Apache TomCat – a component for specialized reporting web-interface; 
- MySQL – inventory control database.
  • Telephone service (VoIP) 
An Asterisk open source platform based solution enables deployment of an integrated, scalable and easy-to-manage VoIP system with modern business functions: conferencing, video calls and more. 

Asterisk based VoIP system supports all standard scenarios for incoming calls, IVR, recorded greetings, call queues, call recording, detailed statistical reporting with numerous parameters, and can be integrated with CRM and Service Desk, knowledge bases, backup and other systems. 

The solution is particularly useful for geographically dispersed organizations and companies where customer service is one of the key business processes.

  • Data backup 
Data backup system enables data backup and restoration automation in case of emergency. The subsystem is based on the feature-rich Bacula free software and includes leading tools for data backup and restoration management and storage administration. 

Due to its modular structure and outstanding scalability, Bacula can be effectively operated by both small organizations and large corporations dealing with tremendous amounts of data.

Process Management

  • User Request Procession System Automation (Service Desk) 
Automated Service Desk system allows for control over internal and external product and service users' request procession, elevate service quality and efficiency and minimize negative implications of IT system failures. 

Developed by I.T. Co. specifically for these tasks, the integrated solution is based on Atlassian JIRA open source software. 

Integration of this solution creates a single point of access for requests and increase efficiency of the technical support department. The solution is compelling for companies with numerous IT systems users and for companies where customer service is one of the key business processes. The solution supports complex workflows with coordination, task sharing, notification and event triggers (such as application or script launch). 

I.T. Co. offers custom solutions for service desk automation on other open source platforms as well, including Redmine and OTRS.

  • Mailing and collaboration systems 
Migration of ones of the most demanded services, such as mailing and employee cooperation, to open source platforms allows for a major decrease in IT infrastructure ownership costs. 

Zimbra Collaboration Suite is one of the leading and most effective platforms for this purpose. It is a client-server solution for mailing with extended functionality that includes all unified communication options: text chat, one-click calls, notifications on contacts' online status, VoIP and video calls, call recording, call and meeting planning, corporate contacts list, setting personal and collective goals, personal file storage libraries. 

The solution includes virus, spam and phishing protection (Spam Assassin and ClamAV), is easily manageable, has standard interfaces for integration with social media (Facebook, Twitter) and enterprise applications (such as Oracle and SAP). 

Depending on customer's specific needs, I.T. Co. can offer mailing and cooperation solutions based on other open source software platforms, such as eGroupware or Kolab.

  • Corporate Portal 
When it comes to modern portal systems, I.T. Co. uses Liferay Portal, an enterprise platform for deploying long-term and effective business solutions.

  • Corporate Knowledge Base 
A corporate knowledge base is a singe source for accumulation, storage and exchange of the most valuable asset of any company, their employees' experience. I.T. Co. can provide a solution based on a number of open source platforms, such as Atlassian Confluence, MediaWiki or DokuWiki. 

Choosing an optimal foundation platform for a project is determined during initial survey and depends on customer's specific goals.

  • Project Management 
For project management systems, I.T. Co. utilizes Redmine and JIRA, powerful, efficient and agile platforms. 

The solutions enable cooperation over numerous hierarchically complex projects, set access rights and user roles, control task allocation and monitoring and provide time tracking tools. 

Project management systems also include a variety of supplementary functions, such as a calendar, news feeds, Gantt charts etc.