Industrial automation 

Industrial automation 

I.T. Co. has been actively developing the industrial automation direction for many years. Key solutions for industrial automation include:
  • ASU TP
  • Accident prevention systems (APS)
  • Local processing unit control systems (LCS)
  • Automated systems for dispatching and operative dispatching management (ASDM, ASODM) and telematics
  • Automated fire-fighting systems (AFFS)
  • Information and measuring systems, accounting systems
  • Automated accounting systems for engineering systems
  • System energy management. Intelligent energetics
  • Automated accounting systems for production (MES level)
Main services for industrial automation include:
  • Inspection and automation concept development
  • Design and exploration work
  • Software development
  • Equipment production and delivery
  • Installation and pre-commissioning (IPC)
  • Primary contractor services
  • Development of normative documents
  • Warranty and service maintenance
  • Personnel training
I.T. Co. has all the competence and resources required for carrying out above mentioned projects, is a SRO member, possesses all necessary licenses and permissions. Many years of experience enable the company to offer optimal solutions with high quality, scalability and integration capabilities.