Production and 
logistics complex automation 

Production and logistics complex

I.T. Smart Systems specialists are deeply experienced in system integration of quick-setup solutions for modern production and logistics complexes.
  • Operative production and process management for raw material, container, finished products and LIS warehouses
  • Lot and serial accounting
  • Accounting of returnables and consumables
  • Warehouse stock management and real-time monitoring
  • Operative accounting in production environment (inventory carrying according to production plans, formula management, issuing raw materials to production, production accounting automation, production returns accounting, materials net cost accounting)
  • Integration with specialized equipment: conveyor belt lines, automated equipment, RFID systems etc.
  • Transport management on the premises
  • Integration with video surveillance systems and ACS
  • Integration of productivity and operation quality assessment systems
  • Work time logging
  • Integration of energy saving systems for warehouses and production sites
  • Integration with existing enterprise IT systems
  • Preparation of shipping documents, automatic printing of quality and other certificates
  • Consolidated analytic and operations reporting