1. 18.05.2015

    PSS.Platforma: Self-service is easy!
    Progressive Self-Service Systems, an I.T. Group company, announces the release of PSS.Platforma, a software solution to manage and administer the fleet of self-service machines. The product features impressive functional and customization capabilities to be used with a variety of devices, which makes it perfectly suitable for high quality and cost efficient self-service offerings in a wide array of business activities.
  2. 14.04.2015

    MTS Bank moves to a new version of ARIS 9
    Logika BPM (I.T. Group), a consulting company, has delivered a project to move MTS Bank’s operations to a new version of ARIS 9 by Software AG. The Bank has become one of the first Russian companies to be able to capitalize on the new capabilities in the ARIS suite to optimize its business processes.
  3. 07.04.2015

    I.T. Co. is upgrading the domain structure of the directory service and postal services for the Russian Customs Service
    I.T. Co. has accomplished a major infrastructure project delivered for the benefit of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. The work involved the transition to new versions of software products, which serve as a basis for the domain structure of the single directory service in the unified automated information system (UAIS) and FCS’s e-mail.
  4. 31.03.2015

    Food ordering in Tanuki restaurants goes automated with new self-service kiosks
    A manufacturer of self-service systems, Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group), and Samsung Electronics have developed customized self-service kiosks for the Tanuki chain of Japanese restaurants. With these devices which will be installed in public places (shopping and office centers, parks, etc.), everyone will be able to quickly and easily order an office or home delivery of favorite dishes.
  5. 17.03.2015

    I.T. Smart Systems accomplishes end-to-end automation of Taimyr Fuel Company's filling station chain, using its I.T. Oil solution
    To reduce its costs needed to support and operate the corporate system of cashless payments for fuel, Petrol Plus, and filling station control system, DOSA-Terminal, Taimyr Fuel Company CJSC (TTC, a subsidiary of Norilsk Nickel) moves to a unified solution, I.T. Oil, which met the requirements in the tender to replace two separate solutions.
  6. 30.01.2015

    I.T. Co. BPM project for Alfa Bank wins Global CIO's Project of the Year 2014 award.
    Global CIO names the project for Pega PRPC business process management system integration for Alfa Bank by I.T. Co. as the best Russian IT project under "The Best Solution In The FIeld / BPM" nomination.
  7. 29.01.2015

    Russian Agricultural Bank develops a system for stream input and storage of client documents.
    Russian Agricultural Bank have carried out the project for implementation of stream input, storage and management of client documents for delivering banking services using solutions such as ABBYY FlexiCapture and IBM FileNet. The project was implemented by Business Logics company (I.T. Group).
  8. 12.11.2014

    I.T. Co. Builds a Modern Display Wall in Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP Central Control Room
    I.T. Co. had completed equipping central control room (CCR) of Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP with a 12x3 m display wall of 9x3 Delta display cubes with LED light. The project allowed to elevate efficiency of operational and technological management of SSHPP and monitoring and management of technological and production processes and to increase the level of informational supply and working conditions of the operators.
  9. 05.11.2014

    I.T. Departmental Systems Integrates Automation Systems into My Documents Multifunctional Center in Kaluga Oblast
    I.T. Departmental Systems (I.T. Co.) had designed IT infrastructure, launched My Documents public services portal, and introduced an IT system for local MFC automation. Head My Documents MFC office was established on October 22 in Kaluga.
  10. 27.10.2014

    RINTEKH presents "Health Monitor" in Moscow, Kazan and Astana
    During less then a month, RINTEKH Company (affiliate of I.T. Group) had participated in four important sector wide events in health care, taking part in Moscow, Kazan and Astana (Kazakhstan).
  11. 20.10.2014

    Automation of 8 ha Large Kazakhmys POL base in Kazakhstan
    I.T. Smart Systems have completed an automation project for Kazakhmys Group POL base in Kazakhstan Republic.
  12. 30.09.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems Automating Two Jemchujina-S Gas Stations
    I.T.  Smart Systems company had completed automation of two gas stations by Jemchujina-S Group at Zlatoustye, Chelyabinsk oblast. The customer had praised the results and will be implementing "I.T. Oil" system on every automated gas station.
  13. 18.09.2014

    Karo Film cinema chain adopts an innovation of Progressive Self-Service Systems
    Progressive Self-Service Systems (an I.T. Group) has developed innovative self-service terminals for the Karo Film cinema chain. The new devices know no equal in the Russian market and will soon appear in all of the chain's cinemas. The audience will greatly appreciate these terminals, as they will make the purchase of tickets fast, convenient and interactive.
  14. 20.08.2014

    Alfa-Bank completes first stage of works on the implementation of Pega PRPC business process management system
    Alfa-Bank has completed the first stage of works on the implementation of the Pega PRPC business process management system. The works were performed by I.T. Co. The project is aimed at increasing the efficiency of managers who work with payroll customers and is interesting because it was implemented under the SCRUM methodology for the first time in Russia.
  15. 08.08.2014

    I.T. Departmental Systems participates in Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense
    On August 4-5, 2014, the second international expo Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense was held at the Alabino firing range in Moscow region, where leading developers and manufacturers demonstrated their latest ideas and inventions in science and manufacturing. I.T. Departmental Systems presented several of its own developments that are capable of automating a portion of the processes in defense industry enterprises and the Russian Army.
  16. 05.08.2014

    Trusted collaboration: Orient Express Bank and I.T. Group strengthen the self-service network
    Upon special order of Orient Express Bank, Progressive Self-Service Systems (I.T. Group) developed and delivered 200 banking information and payment terminals that have an increased level of protection against fraudulent activities.
  17. 06.06.2014

    IIDF to invest 45 million rubles in Life Button project
    Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF) is investing 45 million rubles in the Life Button project.
    This financing was round B for Life Button. The project earlier received investments from I.T. Group, and at the initial stage was funded by a pool of business angels.
  18. 06.06.2014

    I.T. Co's triplet at the European Business Congress
    Being an active member of the European Business Congress (EBC), I.T. Co. regularly takes part in its events. The organization's 17th annual meeting was held on May 29-30, 2014 in Athens, Greece. Gazprom board chairman Alexey Miller made an opening speech. His presentation was dedicated to modern trends in the European and global gas markets, including views on the popularization of gas engine fuel.
  19. 05.05.2014

    Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System implements I.T.-AI on SAP platform
    I.T. Smart Systems has completed a project on property accounting automation for OJSC Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System (OJSC FGS UES).
  20. 30.04.2014

    I.T. Smart Systems continues automation of General Fueller filling stations
    Development of the General Fueller gas station network is focused on large, modern, multi-purpose filling stations built to European standards and environmental safety norms.

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