1. 07.04.2015

    I.T. Co. is upgrading the domain structure of the directory service and postal services for the Russian Customs Service
    I.T. Co. has accomplished a major infrastructure project delivered for the benefit of the Federal Customs Service of Russia. The work involved the transition to new versions of software products, which serve as a basis for the domain structure of the single directory service in the unified automated information system (UAIS) and FCS’s e-mail.
  2. 05.11.2014

    I.T. Departmental Systems Integrates Automation Systems into My Documents Multifunctional Center in Kaluga Oblast
    I.T. Departmental Systems (I.T. Co.) had designed IT infrastructure, launched My Documents public services portal, and introduced an IT system for local MFC automation. Head My Documents MFC office was established on October 22 in Kaluga.
  3. 08.08.2014

    I.T. Departmental Systems participates in Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense
    On August 4-5, 2014, the second international expo Innovation Day of the Ministry of Defense was held at the Alabino firing range in Moscow region, where leading developers and manufacturers demonstrated their latest ideas and inventions in science and manufacturing. I.T. Departmental Systems presented several of its own developments that are capable of automating a portion of the processes in defense industry enterprises and the Russian Army.
  4. 13.03.2014

    "I.T. Departmental systems" has proposed "Poltava" software to the Government of Kurgan Oblast
    "I.T. Departmental systems" has signed a state contract with the Government of Kurgan Oblast on a creation of a single system rendering state and municipal electronic services and MFC operation support.
  5. 03.09.2013

    DIRECTUM in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF
    A project to implement the DIRECTUM enterprise content management (ECM) system has been launched in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF. I.T. Co., as a certified DIRECTUM partner will develop an integrated electronic document management system for more than 150 users.
  6. 17.06.2013

    Everyone must know how to register their cars within one hour’s time
    I.T. Departmental Systems (GC I.T.) has completed project which deployed the Artos electronic queue system in 14 large traffic police departments in Moscow, which render registration services, conduct driving tests and manage renewal of driver's licenses.
  7. 04.06.2013

    I.T. Co. is a winner of two Best 10 Government Sector IT Projects awards
    I.T. Co. has been nominated winner of the annual Best 10 Government Sector IT Projects Award. This is the fifth time this contest, established by the RF Ministry of Telecom & Mass Communications in partnership with ComNews, is held. This year I.T. Co. came up with two projects, both of which won.
  8. 16.04.2013

    I.T. Co. builds up a protected multi-service network for Bashkortostan's IT Agency
    I.T. Co. has completed a project related to ensuring information security for data transmission, to support the provision of electronic state services and efficient inter-institutional cooperation for the government authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan.
  9. 23.01.2013

    Bashkortostan State Authorities are implementing SED product family ECM Logics
    “Business Logics 2.0” company (I.T. Group) completed the implementation of “ECM Logics. Governmental Control” system of electronic document management (ex “BOSS-Referent BR +”) on JBoss open source software platform in the pilot area of the Republic of Bashkortostan State Authorities. A single system of interdepartmental electronic documents includes 2,200 employees of the central offices of 29 national ministries and departments, handling more than 1,000 documents per day.
  10. 10.12.2012

    "I.T. Co.: Departmental Systems" shall bring the operation of Moscow STSI into compliance with global standards
    I.T. Departmental Systems has started implementing a project for deploying the Artos electronic queue system in all major branches of STSI in Moscow providing registration services, giving examinations, and issuing and replacing driving licenses.
  11. 03.04.2012

    Voronezh administration manages its personnel by means of BOSS-Kadrovik
    I.T. Co. has completed the project on implementation of the automated personnel management system BOSS-Kadrovik in the City District Administration of Voronezh. Implementation of this solution allowed reducing labor efforts on personnel document management and provided the administration with wide opportunities of personnel management.
  12. 27.03.2012

    I.T. Group supports the judicial reform of the RF
    For the benefit of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, I.T. Co. has completed the project on creation of the integrated document management system and automated system for publishing information on the web-portal of the judicial body of constitutional control.
  13. 12.12.2011

    I.T. Company designs system of all-in-one contactless cards for residents of Kursk oblast
    I.T. Smart Systems, part of I.T. Group, has completed project development for an automated system for accessing government and municipal services electronically with the use of all-in-one contactless cards. The project was carried out by order of the Kursk region Department of Information and Communication Technologies and Information Security.
  14. 16.11.2011

    I.T. Co. creates information and analysis system for Krasnoyarsk Krai Ministry of Social Policy
    I.T. Co. won the open contest to carry out a project to develop the regional information and analysis system “Support of Rehabilitation of the Disabled” to meet the needs of the Krasnoyarsk Krai Ministry of Social Policy. The cost of the state contract is 3.3 million rubles.
  15. 18.10.2011

    Unified Communications System created for authorities in Bashkortostan
    A complex project to create a unified communications system for public authorities has been implemented in Bashkortostan. I.T. Co. carried out the project. The new system will provide cutting edge services to about 5000 users in regional state bodies and the republic's municipal entities. The Presidential Administration, Government and a range of Ministries and Departments in the Republic of Bashkortostan have already been connected to the new audio, video-telephone and conferencing system.
  16. 19.07.2011

    I.T. Co. equipped conference hall of Rosstat with multimedia system
    On the occasion of the 200th anniversary, the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) held a theoretical and practical conference in the new conference hall furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. The project on creation of multimedia system in conference hall was conducted by I.T. Co.
  17. 22.06.2011

    Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation prolonged cooperation with Kaspersky Lab
    I.T. Co., which has the status of Kaspersky Lab Enterprise Partner, carried out the delivery of 1600 licenses for solution of centralized protection of workstations, mobile devices, file and mail servers Kaspersky Total Spece Security for the Accounts Chamber of the RF. Validity period of the license agreement is two years.
  18. 09.02.2011

    I.T. Co. Achieves Oracle Specialized Status for Oracle Database, BI Foundation, Public Sector and Oil&Gas
    I.T. Co. met the requirements for Oracle PartnerNetwork Specialized, achieving five specializations obligatory for Platinum Partners while continuing expansion of its expertise by complementing it with a sixth specialization.
  19. 01.02.2011

    I.T. Co. Implements BOSS-Referent: Public Administration EDMS for the Federal Labor and Employment Service
    I.T. Co. completed the first phase of the development and implementation of a custom-designed solution based on BOSS-Referent: Public Administration for the central and regional offices of the Federal Labor and Employment Service (Rostrud). The implementation of EDMS results in automated workflow, allows information support and automation of administrative activities.
  20. 25.01.2011

    I.T. Co. Implements Ambitious Project for the Federal State Statistics Service
    I.T. Co. supplied the Federal State Statistics Service (Rosstat) with 436 units of printing equipment manufactured by Xerox and other manufacturers amounting to 165 million Rubles. Within belt-tightening time the equipment was delivered to the central office and 82 regional offices.  The equipment is used for processing the results of the 2010 Population Census, the 2011 SMB Census 2011 and in daily activities of Rosstat. As estimated by I.T. Co., the total cost of ownership of the new equipment is several times less in comparison with the previous equipment, thus, allowing Rosstat to significantly save budget money.

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