1. 11.02.2014

    I.T. Co. introduces a unified sound information system in Pulkovo
    I.T. Co. and Pulkovo International Airport have announced the launch of an automated sound information system (ASIS). The system will allow passengers and staff of the new terminal to receive reliable audio notifications in real time.
  2. 31.01.2014

    I.T. Group project for the Moscow Metro wins the Global CIO contest "Project of the Year 2013"
    The contest results for the best Russian IT project have revealed that one of the most important projects was that of I.T.'s project to equip the Moscow Metro with machines for automated passenger service when selling tickets for one and two trips, including the use of bank cards.
  3. 20.12.2013

    I.T. Oil and RFID - automatic vehicle identification and improvement of oil products management and accounting at Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant's gas filling stations
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) has completed a pilot project at Novolipetsk Metallurgical Plant (NLMP), which combined two technologies: automated refueling of vehicles and automated identification of vehicles using RFID technology.
  4. 29.10.2013

    The Pulkovo Airport will implement a passenger notification system, developed by I.T. Group
    The Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg) and the I.T. Company announce the introduction of an automated system of acoustic passenger notice. This solution unique for the Russian market will provide a notification system of a new level at the new terminal.
  5. 28.08.2013

    Moscow public transportation offers the most up-to-date methods for fare payments
    The Transportation Department of the city of Moscow, the SUE "Moscow Metro", Sberbank of Russia and the international payment system MasterCard announce the launch of a pilot project for the use of bank proximity cards in subway automatic ticket machines.
  6. 02.07.2013

    Sheremetyevo has launched a unified automated system of sound notification
    The international airport of Sheremetyevo and I.T. Co. announce implementation of an automated system of sound notification for passengers. The system will ensure a new level of informing passengers by voice in six languages.
  7. 17.06.2013

    Everyone must know how to register their cars within one hour’s time
    I.T. Departmental Systems (GC I.T.) has completed project which deployed the Artos electronic queue system in 14 large traffic police departments in Moscow, which render registration services, conduct driving tests and manage renewal of driver's licenses.
  8. 04.06.2013

    I.T. Co. is a winner of two Best 10 Government Sector IT Projects awards
    I.T. Co. has been nominated winner of the annual Best 10 Government Sector IT Projects Award. This is the fifth time this contest, established by the RF Ministry of Telecom & Mass Communications in partnership with ComNews, is held. This year I.T. Co. came up with two projects, both of which won.
  9. 05.02.2013

    I.T. Smart Systems solution has effectively organized activities on Sibur-Khimprom warehouse
    I.T. Smart Systems (I.T. Group) completed automation of the warehouse of finished products of Sibur-Khimprom CJSC. For a short time, production warehouse management system and its integration with corporate information systems was implemented, based on 1C platform, which made it possible to reduce labor costs and optimize logistics. Project cost amounted to a little less than 5 million rubles.
  10. 26.06.2012

    The Khabarovsk airport speaks and shows with the help of I.T. Group solutions
    I.T. Co. has finished the procedure of implementation of the automated directory system at the international airport of Khabarovsk. The project was realized within preparation for the summit of the Pacific Forum “APEC Vladivostok-2012”. The new system of passengers informing will allow to provide a high level of international flights servicing.
  11. 28.02.2012

    I.T. Smart Systems has included the property of Volkswagen Group Rus in the balance sheet
    I.T. Smart Systems Company (I.T. Group) has completed the implementation of the solution for accounting and inventorying the property in Volkswagen Group Rus LLC. The system created in the course of the project allowed performing primary accounting of the property and collecting up-to-date data on its availability and state.
  12. 08.11.2011

    IT-AI inventory system deployed in "Bashavtotrans"
    I.T. Co. Smart Systems, part of the I.T. Co. group of companies, has completed implementation of the operational accounting and asset control system IT-AI for state unitary enterprise Bashavtotrans. Deployment of the solution enabled the time and labor costs of inventory to be reduced.

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