1. 28.04.2015

    Mayskaya mining company optimizes logistics
    Logika BPM (I.T. Group) has accomplished the project to optimize logistic flows for the Mayskaya mining company. The logistics process model designed as part of the project will enable efficient management of all procurement procedures – from ordering to shipping products to various business units.
  2. 14.04.2015

    MTS Bank moves to a new version of ARIS 9
    Logika BPM (I.T. Group), a consulting company, has delivered a project to move MTS Bank’s operations to a new version of ARIS 9 by Software AG. The Bank has become one of the first Russian companies to be able to capitalize on the new capabilities in the ARIS suite to optimize its business processes.
  3. 30.01.2015

    I.T. Co. BPM project for Alfa Bank wins Global CIO's Project of the Year 2014 award.
    Global CIO names the project for Pega PRPC business process management system integration for Alfa Bank by I.T. Co. as the best Russian IT project under "The Best Solution In The FIeld / BPM" nomination.
  4. 27.01.2015

    Logika BPM adapts Australian Kapsch TrafficCom company's business processes to Russian market
    Logika BPM consulting company (I.T. Group) had executed a project on description of Russian branch of Kapsch TrafficCom Russia and implementation of internal control system. The project enabled adaptation of world's best experiences of Kapsch TrafficCom to Russian market.
  5. 13.11.2014

    First Cargo Company updated its Process Business Model With Methodological Support From Logika BPM
    First Cargo Company had completed the project of updating of their current business model with the help of Logika BPM (I.T. Group), based on ARIS suite.
  6. 20.08.2014

    Alfa-Bank completes first stage of works on the implementation of Pega PRPC business process management system
    Alfa-Bank has completed the first stage of works on the implementation of the Pega PRPC business process management system. The works were performed by I.T. Co. The project is aimed at increasing the efficiency of managers who work with payroll customers and is interesting because it was implemented under the SCRUM methodology for the first time in Russia.
  7. 25.06.2014

    Logika BPM implements project to create a corporate modeling system for Gazprom Neft
    Logika BPM (I.T. Group) has completed a project on the creation of a corporate system of modeling, analysis, and management of business processes for Gazprom Neft (Business Process Management — BPM).
  8. 29.05.2014

    Kazakhtelecom ISD automates its accounts receivable management process with Metasonic
    BPM Logics (I.T. Group) has implemented a project at Kazakhtelecom Information Systems Directorate (ISD) to automate the accounts receivable management process using the Metasonic BPMS platform. The volume of receivables is expected to decrease by 10-20% during the first year of the system's use.
  9. 31.01.2014

    Innovative 2.0 BPM System is introduced in Russia for the first time
    The Bauer Media Publishing House, the Russian division of one of the leading media companies in Europe, Bauer Media Group (Germany), has implemented the first Metasonic BPMS platform project in Russia. BPM Logics (part of I.T. Group) specialists have automated the contract negotiation process with the help of Metasonic Suite.
  10. 11.12.2013

    BPM Logics completes the first stage for streamlining key business processes at JSC Kedentransservice
    BPM Logics (I.T. Group) has completed the first stage for streamlining key business processes at JSC Kedentransservice. A processes landscape was formed at the top level, the company's key business processes were described in detail, streamlined and regulated as part of the project.
  11. 24.10.2013

    BPM Logics helped MTT implement a process approach to management
    The BPM Logics Company (The I.T. Group) has completed a project in which the MTT Company, one of the largest Russian operators, has implemented methods and tools for business processes management. The established control system aims at comprehensive optimization of the company activities on the basis of the process approach.
  12. 04.09.2013

    BPM Logic helps Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS adjust its management system
    The company BPM Logic (I.T. Group) helped Eesti Energia Õlitööstus AS adjust its management system. During the project the business goals of the units were coordinated in order to adjust them with the goals of the enterprise and Eesti Energia as a whole.
  13. 18.07.2013

    ECM and BPM have their own business logics
    I.T. GC Management Board decided that ECM and BPM areas of Business Logics 2.0 should be developed as separate business units. It will enable us to improve efficiency and pace of development of each area. Viktor Weinstein who has been Director of Aplana Software in the past few years, was appointed Head of ECM unit (ECM Logics). The BPM area (BPM Logics) will be led by Maria Kamennova.
  14. 28.03.2013

    "Business Logics 2.0" helps NIIAS OJSC create a process model for the Unified Intellectual System for railway transport management
    Consultants from "Business Logics 2.0" (I.T. Group), in conjunction with experts from NIIAS OJSC Process Office, have developed a method of modeling and described a number of RZD OJSC's production processes, in order to implement them in the Unified Intellectual System of railway transport management.
  15. 13.03.2013

    I.T. Co. develops and implements a business modeling methodology at TatNeft's Local Fuel Stations
    Experts from I.T. Co. have developed the foundations and guidelines for a business modeling system, described key business processes "as is" at the TatNeft Fuel Station Center and TatNeft Fuel Station West, and implemented business modeling on the basis of ARIS tools.
  16. 12.03.2013

    Business Logic 2.0 Helps Temirbank automate its Business Processes
    Business Logic 2.0 from I.T. Group, in partnership with BI Consulting, helps Temirbank automate its business processes using webMethods solutions.
  17. 26.02.2013

    Business Logic 2.0 from I.T. Co. is helping to describe the Business Processes of MTS Bank
    Business Logic 2.0, a company that is part of I.T. Group, has completed a project to describe the business processes of MTS Bank with the help of ARIS solutions.
  18. 27.04.2012

    Business Logics 2.0 will help determine the level of maturity
    The company Business Logics 2.0 (I.T. Group) it marketing a new service which allows determining the level of company development in ECM sphere and the strategy of further development in the sphere of corporate content management.
  19. 27.01.2012

    ECM plus BPM equally Business logics 2.0
    January 27, 2012, Moscow. The IT market guru Tagir Yapparov (Chairman of the Board of Directors of I.T. Group) and Maria Kamennova (the former General Director of IDS Scheer Russia and Software AG Russia), having united their competences, experience and possibilities, are launching a new project − a consulting company "Business logics 2.0".

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