1. 05.03.2015

    ModulBank purchases the Unicloud Business 365 system from a Skolkovo resident
    ModulBank, a banking service provider for small business, and Unicloud Labs (I.T. Group), a resident in the Skolkovo Foundation IT cluster, announce the closing of the deal on the sale of rights to the Unicloud Business 365 CRM system. Based on the agreements reached by the parties, key developers, who were engaged in the work on Unicloud Business 365, are also to join ModulBank's team for further efforts in the project. The system bought by ModulBank, including its major component – the legally relevant electronic document management system – will provide a platform for new customer services.
  2. 29.01.2015

    Russian Agricultural Bank develops a system for stream input and storage of client documents.
    Russian Agricultural Bank have carried out the project for implementation of stream input, storage and management of client documents for delivering banking services using solutions such as ABBYY FlexiCapture and IBM FileNet. The project was implemented by Business Logics company (I.T. Group).
  3. 08.10.2014

    Every Branch of RN-Bureniye Now Runs Consolidated Digital Records System "Logika SED"
    Business Logics company (I.T. Group) had implemented "Logika SED" digital record system based on IBM Notes/Domino platform for RN-Bureniye.
    Records system automation enabled safe and structured document storage with quick search, process event and action logging, and disciplinary control.
  4. 14.04.2014

    Business Logic company has increased its financial performance by 30%
    Business Logic company (I.T. Group) sums up the results of work for the 2013 financial year (April-March 2014).
  5. 08.04.2014

    Joint stock company Transneft optimizes operation with primary financial documents
    Joint stock company Transneft deployed a solution for stream input and electronic storage of primary financial documents. The "Digital data warehouse logic. Financial documents" solution has been developed on the ABBYY and IBM FileNet platforms by an I.T. company group unit.
  6. 25.03.2014

    "Electronic lawyer" checks every contract online
    An innovative service has been launched on the Action Mediagroup portal, which offers the opportunity for anyone to examine every contract online day-and-night. The unique "cloud" service has been created on the basis of the I.T. company solution. The brand new system will become a reliable helpmate while working with legal documents and will help free up legal administrations from routine.
  7. 19.12.2013

    RN-Uchet LLC and Business Logics, its IT partner, streamlined business processes for processing and storing initial financial documentation and launched innovative ECM solution
    RN-Uchet LLC and Business Logics, its IT partner, have streamlined business processes for processing and storing initial financial documentation and launched an innovative ECM solution. The "box" solution (basic functionalities of the ECM system) is part of the line of ECM Logics solutions and is called ECM Logics Financial Documents.
  8. 10.09.2013

    Business Logic implements ECM solution in EXPINET expert system
    The company Business Logic (I.T. Group) finished the first project on the implementation of ECM Logic Business Platform in the EXPINET expert network. The solution is built on the free software platform Alfresco.
  9. 03.09.2013

    DIRECTUM in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF
    A project to implement the DIRECTUM enterprise content management (ECM) system has been launched in the Analytical Center under the Government of the RF. I.T. Co., as a certified DIRECTUM partner will develop an integrated electronic document management system for more than 150 users.
  10. 18.07.2013

    ECM and BPM have their own business logics
    I.T. GC Management Board decided that ECM and BPM areas of Business Logics 2.0 should be developed as separate business units. It will enable us to improve efficiency and pace of development of each area. Viktor Weinstein who has been Director of Aplana Software in the past few years, was appointed Head of ECM unit (ECM Logics). The BPM area (BPM Logics) will be led by Maria Kamennova.
  11. 16.07.2013

    MTT has implemented an electronic document management system “ECM Logics. EDMS”
    Interregional Transit Telecom (ITT) OJSC, in partnership with Business Logics 2.0 (I.T. GC), has implemented an electronic document management system “ECM Logics. EDMS” (ex-BOSS Referent). Currently, more than 400 employees of ITT JSC and its subsidiaries are working in the unified electronic document management system.
  12. 05.07.2013

    Team work getting easier and more efficient in the new Unicloud Business 365
    Unicloud Business 365, a cloud system for collaboration of employees within and between companies, has enhanced features: a new generation mail client, mobile application for iPhone and YouMagic Internet telephony from MTT OJSC.
  13. 24.06.2013

    DIRECTUM at a large chemicals plant: first impact
    I.T. Co. has finished the first stage of launching DIRECTUM ECM-system at the Bereznikovsky Soda Plant. Computer-aided management system for contracts and administrative documents has been set up.
  14. 16.05.2013

    Business Logics 2.0 improves planning efficiency of Tele2 Russia commercial projects
    Business Logics 2.0 (I.T. GC) has completed a project, setting up a system to support operational business-processes of local commercial activities, conducted by Tele2 Russia Co. This system, based on IMB FileNet platform, has been launched at the central office and at 41 regional branches of this telecommunication operator. The project has improved operational efficiency in marketing, promotion and sales areas in the whole company.
  15. 10.04.2013

    Uralvagonzavod implements a corporate EDMS with the help of "Business Logics 2.0"
    "Business Logics 2.0" (I.T. Group) and the scientific and production corporation Uralvagonzavod have created a unified electronic document management system on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform, at the Ural-based firm. As a result of the project, electronic document exchange was set up between the holding enterprise and remote structures, the monitoring of performance discipline was made to run more smoothly, and costs related to paper document processing were cut.
  16. 22.03.2013

    "Business Logics 2.0" modernizes Alfa Bank's electronic document archive
    "Business Logics 2.0" (I.T. Group) has completed a project to modernize Alfa Bank's electronic document archive. The new archive system made it possible to increase the efficiency of Alfa Bank's main areas of business: corporate and retail business, cash settlement center, directorate for management of regional operational activity, management of conformity with requirements. More than 1700 employees of the bank now use the archive.
  17. 23.01.2013

    Bashkortostan State Authorities are implementing SED product family ECM Logics
    “Business Logics 2.0” company (I.T. Group) completed the implementation of “ECM Logics. Governmental Control” system of electronic document management (ex “BOSS-Referent BR +”) on JBoss open source software platform in the pilot area of the Republic of Bashkortostan State Authorities. A single system of interdepartmental electronic documents includes 2,200 employees of the central offices of 29 national ministries and departments, handling more than 1,000 documents per day.
  18. 07.11.2012

    Business Logic 2.0 switches 2,600 MGTS employees to a new EDMS
    Business Logic 2.0 (I.T. Group) has completed the project for implementing a new version of the electronic document management system called "ESM Logics. EDMS" (previously known as BOSS-Referent) based on the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino platform, at MGTS OJSC. This resulted in optimization of business processes, development of new regulations, much lower expenses for EDMS support; overall, the company's document workflow model has reached a new quality level.
  19. 17.09.2012

    BOSS-Referent EDMS changes its name
    "Business Logics 2.0" company (I.T. Group) announces entrance to the market of a new series of products for corporate content management "ECM Logics". A significant part of products of this series was previously known under the umbrella brand "BOSS-Referent".
  20. 30.08.2012

    Unicloud Business 365 is a revolutionary new product for automation of small and mid-sized business from a Skolkovo resident
    On August 30, 2012, at the presentation in the press center of RIA News information agency, Dmitriy Torshin, General Director of “Unicloud Labs”, made a presentation of a new product – Unicloud Business 365, available at http://business365.ru.

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