I.T. Co. registers Security Vision in Rospatent


I.T. Co. registers Security Vision in Rospatent
I.T. Co. has received a certificate of state registration for Security Vision - a solution for information security monitoring and management.

Security Vision Information Security Management System (ISMS) is designed to automate the process of information security management in any organizations of any size in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. The system has a modular structure that allows the creation of relevant reports and recommendations on the state of a company's information security as a whole and on individual security systems in particular. Security Vision supports centralized updates of the document database, enabling one to download over 70 up-to-date information security document templates.

The solution is unique in the information security market because it: 
  • has its own niche, defined by law and in accordance with international and industry standards in the field of IS
  • cooperates with leading manufacturers: IBM, HP, Cisco, Kaspersky Lab, Positive Technologies, Security Code, S-Terra CSP, CryptoPro, etc.
  • won numerous awards from different conferences and ratings of relevant publications
The Security Vision system has been on the market since 2007 and today is a leader thanks to its high manageability and performance of enterprise security-related business processes. Since then, the solution has been deployed in more than 50 large organizations. 

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