Innovative 2.0 BPM System is introduced in Russia for the first time


Innovative 2.0 BPM System is introduced in Russia for the first time
The Bauer Media Publishing House, the Russian division of one of the leading media companies in Europe, Bauer Media Group (Germany), has implemented the first Metasonic BPMS platform project in Russia. BPM Logics (part of I.T. Group) specialists have automated the contract negotiation process with the help of Metasonic Suite.

Bauer Media publishes more than 70 mass market publications in Russia, the monthly readership of which is over 21 million people. The company is a leader among federal publishers by number of copies sold. With a staff of 300, it represents a typical medium-sized business. As in many German companies, the key business processes at Bauer Media (bookkeeping, controlling, accounting, sales) are automated using SAP's ERP system.

SAP excludes administrative processes that are based on employees' electronic communications. The emotional factor is usually high in such processes, and the efficiency of such processes strongly depends on the character of users. To mitigate the role of the human factor, Bauer Media decided to create a simple and effective instrument to automate electronic business communications. However, it was not based on SAP, which is more costly and is not designed for that.

The BPM system by Metasonic AG was chosen as the platform to automate processes. This product is based on the innovative technology of a subject-oriented approach to BPM (S-BPM), when business process modeling depends on its participants and their communication with colleagues. The notation in S-BPM for business process modeling contains only five symbols. The developed process model is transformed into an executable process application. Process participants themselves can create and change the logic of the process through the simplicity and clarity of the subject-oriented approach.

The project started with the selection of pilot business processes, which will be automated in Metasonic. The first was the process of negotiating contracts. All key process participants attended several interactive meetings where they developed a model of the process. Afterwards, the model was introduced into Metasonic. The integrated application was tested and then launched into operation. "The implementation of the project could have been quicker, in a couple of months, but since specialists handled the task more thoroughly, it took them four months," said the head of the Information Systems Support and Development Department of Bauer Media, Alexey Popov.

The project's initiator and Executive Director of Bauer Media, Muza Monams, said, "The main discovery for me was that users change processes themselves in a way that is most convenient and real for them. That is, BPMS is an 'easy' product that allows you to automate the process 'from below.' This is its fundamental difference from 'heavy' systems that dictate this or that organization of processes. But it does not conflict with the ERP and is quite compatible with it. With Metasonic, we can automate the 'hidden' business processes that nobody usually pays attention to. Thus, both SAP and Metasonic contribute to the effective management of information."

"This is the first implementation of Metasonic in Russia, and the results of the project have met our expectations," said Maria Kamennova, General Director of BPM Logics. First, the work of an automated process is already visible at the prototype stage - there is no need to wait six months for development. Second, after working together to create a process model in S-BPM methodology, employees begin to treat each other with great respect."
Further development of the project involves the automation of another business process, an advertising sampling. The creation of its model will be completed by mid-February. The automated contract negotiation process has already been transferred to the new Metasonic 5.0.

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