RN-Uchet LLC and Business Logics, its IT partner, streamlined business processes for processing and storing initial financial documentation and launched innovative ECM solution


RN-Uchet LLC and Business Logics, its IT partner, streamlined business processes for processing and storing initial financial documentation and launched innovative ECM solution
RN-Uchet LLC and Business Logics, its IT partner, have streamlined business processes for processing and storing initial financial documentation and launched an innovative ECM solution. The "box" solution (basic functionalities of the ECM system) is part of the line of ECM Logics solutions and is called ECM Logics Financial Documents.

RN-Uchet is one of Russia's largest specialized accounting organizations with a branch network of stand-alone divisions spanning from Murmansk to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, providing bookkeeping and tax accounting services as well as financial transactions administration services for NK Rosneft and more than 300 of its subsidiaries.

Over 80 Rosneft subsidiaries serviced by RN-Uchet are located in Moscow region. They generate about 700,000 financial documents each month, which are submitted to incoming inspection units. Therefore, the total monthly volume of documents, if we consider all the company's subsidiaries covered by the service, is more than 5 million documents.

In September 2011, RN-Uchet began an initiative for automation of the processing and storage of incoming initial documents. The IT subcontractor who offered the least costly solution within the fixed dates for the task was chosen in accordance with the current standards.

An information system for the scanning, recognition, transmission and storage of initial documents' scanned images was developed based on ABBYY FlexiCapture and IBM FileNet software for streaming the entry of documents and data, and is part of the ECM Logics solutions family, which is developed by Business Logics.

"We have a good understanding of the task and see the real objective, which is to launch innovative business solutions to ensure Rosneft's technological superiority on the market," said Sergei Gubushkin, Head of the Office for Automation of Accounting Processes and Business Development, RN-Uchet LLC.

Implementing the ECM-system enabled RN-Uchet to take organizational measures to ensure efficient operation of the accounting function of enterprises receiving services in the "expensive" Moscow region.

The first stage of the IT project transferred the accounting of 30 enterprises to the Samara office, where manpower costs much less. Thus, RN-Uchet optimized the number of personnel and lowered the cost of services for customers.

At the same time, efforts for completing documents were sharply reduced. Now the received documents are scanned and recognized in the incoming inspection points, with filled-in information automatically undergoing numerous consistency checks. If the document contains any technical errors, the system will send a warning about this to an accountant. Risks related to losses of financial documents were also reduced severalfold.

After the ECM-system's scanning and recognition of the initial document, a draft of the entry and a link to the document's scanned image in the digital archive is created in the 1C accounting system. This option spares an accountant from routine, energy-consuming work with hard copies. A package of documents is now processed within 1 minute instead of several days.

The preparation and provision of documents for government and other regulatory agencies upon request have become much faster. The system generates a list of contents in xml format, to which scanned images of the documents are attached. The system-generated, xml electronic documents, accepted by the Federal Tax Service, may be attached to the list of contents immediately. Electronic document packages for tax authorities are produced in no time. In the future, after completion of the project for the system's integration with a dedicated operator, we will be able to automatically send electronic copies of documents to the Federal Tax Service.

Special attention was paid to information security, which is provided by a number of administrative and technical measures made pursuant to Russian legislation, regulatory documents of the Russian Federal Service for Technical and Export Control, and local regulatory documents of NK Rosneft that are relevant to this area. Users' access to the system is carried out using personal information protection complexes. The integrated system of logging events ensures full control over storage of documents in the electronic repository and over operations with them.

"Success of such large-scale projects mainly depends on good cooperation between teams - both the contractor's and the customer's," said Georgy Podbutsky, Commercial Director of Business Logics. "I would like to mention the professionalism of RN-Uchet's specialists, who made it possible to implement the project in due time and in the required scope."

"The past few years have seen more organizations paying attention to the performance of their business processes," said Dmitry Shukshin, Director for Corporate Projects, ABBYY Russia. "One of the ways to reduce costs and streamline business is to leave general processes to a Shared Service Center and implement a streaming data entry system. According to our data, such projects for organizing the operations of Shared Service Centers and the automated entry of documents in it are one of the trends for 2013-2014. We believe this trend will continue for several years to come."

"IBM FileNet-based solutions for processing initial financial documents appear to be in high demand in Russia and abroad, taking a great load off financial personnel both at the data entry stage and later during processing of electronic versions of financial papers without handling their original hard copies," said Dmitry Laktionov, Head of ECM solutions' sales department, IBM in Russia and the CIS. "This increases the speed and precision of managerial decisions and at the same time improves the company's overall performance."

"In 2014, we plan to integrate with standard industry 1C-based accounting systems," Sergei Gubushkin said about the project's development. Work continues on solution replication in RN-Uchet, its purpose being to centralize as much as possible the accounting functions of the served enterprises at the company's largest branches before 2018, with coverage of front office groups. We are also working on possible options for implementing electronic management of legally significant documents, which allows us to exchange soft copies of initial financial documents with our contractors."

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