The Pulkovo Airport will implement a passenger notification system, developed by I.T. Group


The Pulkovo Airport will implement a passenger notification system, developed by I.T. Group
The Pulkovo Airport (St. Petersburg) and the I.T. Company announce the introduction of an automated system of acoustic passenger notice. This solution unique for the Russian market will provide a notification system of a new level at the new terminal.

The Pulkovo Airport is one of the largest and fast growing air transport hubs of Russia. The airport infrastructure includes an airfield with two runways, two terminals, a cargo terminal, fuel complex, parking complex and other infrastructure objects.

Since 2010, the international consortium the Northern Capital Gateway on the agreement on public-private partnership has been managing the operational activities of the Pulkovo Airport. The top priority is the airport reconstruction: construction of a new international passenger terminal, modernization of the Pulkovo-1 passenger terminal, reconstruction and construction of airport technical objects, commercial infrastructure development. One of the important tasks was to equip the new Pulkovo terminal with modern acoustic notification system for passengers and the staff.

As a result of software solutions market research the Pulkovo management has chosen an automated audio notification system developed by the I.T. Co., which has been successfully operated in Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Khabarovsk (Novy) airports.

The automated system is designed to provide a voice notification for passengers and airport staff about the current situation at the terminal: about registration, take-offs and landings of airplanes, boarding and luggage give-out, changes in flight schedule, and the services provided by the airport. The system plays a special role when informing passengers in emergency situations, which require high speed and quality of notification delivery.

The high degree of I.T. Co. solution reliability is ensured by software and hardware architecture. The system being introduced will work 24/7 to maintain a fail-free audio passenger notification in the new Pulkovo terminal.

Within the project for the first time in Russia a software control interface for audio equipment Honeywell, allowing its use in fire alarm systems and sound notification systems, will be implemented.

The airport staff will be provided with automated workstations, which provide wide opportunities for management and monitoring of the system operation.
Implementation of the automated sound notification system helps optimize production and human resources of the Pulkovo airport.

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