BPM Logics helped MTT implement a process approach to management


BPM Logics helped MTT implement a process approach to management
The BPM Logics Company (The I.T. Group) has completed a project in which the MTT Company, one of the largest Russian operators, has implemented methods and tools for business processes management. The established control system aims at comprehensive optimization of the company activities on the basis of the process approach.

MTT has created a management system on the basis of a key task of improving the efficiency and manageability of their own business with the help of qualified consultants of BPM Logics. In the future, best practices and experience will be extended to companies within the MTT group.

Consultants of BPM Logics (earlier practice of Business Process Management in the Business Logic 2.0 Company), which had been responsible for the development of a methodology for describing business processes and rules of the system of complex MTT activities optimization, were invited to implement the project. Also, they described the business processes of the upper level of the company and in more detail - the "service" process.

The newly developed business processes define the internal customers of business processes and contractors for these works, as well as their mutual obligations. Within the project, the order of interaction between departments in the through (end-to-end) processes of service delivery is also described. At the same time all the personnel of MTT is involved into activities for improving the company performance. An incentive system for introduced and implemented rationalization proposals on process optimization at each workplace has been developed and will continue to operate after the end of the project. All business processes will be subject to further audit and modifications that will allow the company to adapt the control system to the changing realities of the market and modify processes to the special features of other companies of the group, where the adopted methods will be implemented. The available business processes were actualized and finalized by MTT on the basis of developed methodology and simulation standards.

The implementation project was divided into several stages. Initially methodology and standards of business process simulation were developed and models "as is" of the company's existing business processes of the upper level were created. Then activities for the detailed description of the processes, operations, and procedures within the agreed rules of interaction units through the processes of service delivery were arranged.

"Most of the issues were resolved in due course and the most difficult ones were collectively considered in MTT by a special working group," Andrey Koptelov, Consulting Director of BPM Logics said. "The simulation standards that we have developed together with our colleagues from MTT have become the basis for further description of the processes by the business units of the operator."

"The methodology of implementation of process management approach developed by consultants of BPM Logics has allowed us to quickly begin the implementation of plans to improve the work," Constantine Novoderezhkin, director of business process and regulation of relations of MTT comments. "After a few steps together with the consultants, we are now able to carry out these activities independently, significantly reducing the cost of the project of the company activities optimization."

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