I.T. Co. becomes Websense Gold Partner


I.T. Co. becomes Websense Gold Partner
I.T. Co. continues to increase its competence in the field of IT security. In summer 2013 we obtained Gold Partner status from Websense, one of the world's leading developers of filtering systems for corporate internet traffic.

Assignment of this status was the result of the continued work of I.T. Company's specialists in promoting and implementing new Websense products in customers' corporate environments. In partnership with Websense representatives we have organized a number of presentations and demonstrations, and trained the workforce of IT Information Security Department in the use of Websense products. A milestone project in Websense technology implementation was the introduction of the web traffic protection system in the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

Gold Partner status officially confirms the high level of competence of I.T. Company's staff in the design of solutions, as well as the implementation of web traffic, information flow, email and cloud computing protection systems developed by Websense.

"Today information security is one of the most critical issues for most modern companies. Most attention is paid to the protection and security of internet traffic, protection of confidential information, corporate email and cloud resources," says Ruslan Rakhmetov, head of the IT Security Department of I.T. Co. "Websense solutions naturally fit into the integrated information protection systems, providing the security mechanisms for data processing centers, computating clusters, intra-networks and email systems. IT staff's experience allows us to effectively handle the challenges related to the information security of our customers."

About Websense
Websense is one of the world's leading developers of filtering systems for corporate internet traffic. Websense products provide enterprises with reliable protection against internet threats such as spyware and other kinds of malware.

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