ECM and BPM have their own business logics


ECM and BPM have their own business logics
I.T. GC Management Board decided that ECM and BPM areas of Business Logics 2.0 should be developed as separate business units. It will enable us to improve efficiency and pace of development of each area. Viktor Weinstein who has been Director of Aplana Software in the past few years, was appointed Head of ECM unit (ECM Logics). The BPM area (BPM Logics) will be led by Maria Kamennova.

“New approaches to ECM and BPM imply integration of relevant tools, but development and software implementation business and consulting business require different approaches to organization and management,” comments Tagir Yapparov, IT GC Chairman of the Board of Directors, on the decision. “Maria’s and Viktor’s focus, each of whom is a recognized expert in the field, will allow, in our view, to achieve the desired results more quickly.”

Viktor Weinstein is the old-timer of I.T. Co., one of the company’s first employees. In 22 years in I.T. Co. he has risen from an ordinary developer to the head of subsidiary, member of I.T. GC Management Board. Viktor took an active part in the development of a number of I.T. Co. products, including the BOSS Referent electronic document management system. He managed the establishment of the Custom Software Development Center and Aplana Software company.

“Our ambitious goal is to create a successful product and service unit with a turnover of over a billion rubles a year which will prove its leadership on the market and bring profit to shareholders,” said Viktor Weinstein. “I believe that these plans will be realized in 2-3 years, so I agreed to lead the ECM direction.”

Maria Kamennova joined I.T. GC a year and a half ago. Maria is a leader on the Russian IT market in the sphere of IT processes management, strategic and management consulting; she was one of the domestic BPM market originators.

“I decided to focus on consulting business and lead a unit that will work in the BPM direction,” says Maria Kamennova. “Our cooperation will certainly continue in the framework of cooperation of two directions and joint projects.”

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