MTT has implemented an electronic document management system “ECM Logics. EDMS”


MTT has implemented an electronic document management system “ECM Logics. EDMS”
Interregional Transit Telecom (ITT) OJSC, in partnership with Business Logics 2.0 (I.T. GC), has implemented an electronic document management system “ECM Logics. EDMS” (ex-BOSS Referent). Currently, more than 400 employees of ITT JSC and its subsidiaries are working in the unified electronic document management system.

Following ITT Group’s strategy which aims to improve operational efficiency, implement corporate standards and information technology policies for the group’s companies, Interregional Transit Telecom OJSC and a number of subsidiaries have switched to the new electronic document management system.
The main objectives of the new system implementation include improvement of effectiveness, operational efficiency and quality of cooperation with business partners, enhancement of operational discipline and encouragement of personal responsibility of documents executors at all levels, including top management.

The previously used system, based on the Documentum platform, was out of date and did not meet the current management issues faced by the company. Having analyzed all the commercially available document flow automation systems, which included some of the most popular and proven ECM platforms, including the updated version of Documentum, ITT selected the BOSS-Referent solution by the criteria of economic viability, functionality, speed and ease of implementation (now “ECM Logics. EDMS”).

The project of system implementation was delegated to the consulting unit of the system developer, Business Logics 2.0. The system was implemented in 5 months, including scanning of workflow processes in the company, preparation of technical specifications, installation and configuration of the system, training of the company’s employees and operational testing that confirmed compliance with the customer’s requirements.

Specially for ITT, EDMS was integrated with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system, document templates were elaborated, Office, Orders, Organizational-Administrative Documentation, Requests Approval and Agreements databases were configured in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Currently, over 400 users from ITT OJSC head office, subsidiaries and affiliates are actively working in the system, and its effectiveness has been proved by a significant decrease in the use of paper document flow and better administrative discipline. After migration to the new EDMS, the company’s business units got the possibility to guarantee the terms of documents consideration within the company, and it was appreciated by the partners, government and corporate clients.

“ITT received the latest version of “ECM Logics. EDMS” which contains all the latest trends in the field of corporate content management,” says Georgy Podbutsky, Commercial Director of “Business Logics 2.0”. “This is an out-of-the-box solution which does not require additional development and therefore additional investment.”

“Document automation management with the help of “ECM Logics. EDMS” gave a possibility to improve the productivity of managerial solutions in ITT OJSC, implement another important element of the corporate culture which ensures high standards of internal processes and their automation, making it possible for us to achieve strategic objectives,” says Andrey Bugaenko, ITT OJSC Deputy General Director for Information Technologies.

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Interregional Transit Telecom (ITT) OJSC is a provider of intercity and international communication which has been successfully operating on the market for more than 15 years. The company is distinguished by stability and confidence based on the use of advanced technologies, years of experience and expertise of the team. Connecting fixed and mobile networks, using both traditional and advanced technology, ITT serves customers and partners by providing reliable communication with the world. ITT quality management system was certified in July 2006 for compliance with ISO 9001-2001 international standard. ITT is a member of such national and international associations as NMT, GSM, A 3G, AMX-IX GRX, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI), International Telecommunication Union (ITU-T).
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