Business Logics 2.0 improves planning efficiency of Tele2 Russia commercial projects


Business Logics 2.0 improves planning efficiency of Tele2 Russia commercial projects
Business Logics 2.0 (I.T. GC) has completed a project, setting up a system to support operational business-processes of local commercial activities, conducted by Tele2 Russia Co. This system, based on IMB FileNet platform, has been launched at the central office and at 41 regional branches of this telecommunication operator. The project has improved operational efficiency in marketing, promotion and sales areas in the whole company.

The main task of the project is to unify, standardize and streamline business-processes, related to local commercial activities (including marketing, trade-marketing and PR).

Business Logics 2.0, which one year earlier had deployed a financial documentation electronic storage and management system at Tele2 Russia, was engaged to implement the project.

After analyzing the existing business-processes in the relevant business area, the experts of Business Logics 2.0 developed a system to support the whole cycle of operations based on IMB FileNet platform from initializing commercial activity at the regional level, automatic setup of approval chains for activities, in view of input data, and activity approvals at all company levels to maintaining further life-cycle of the initiative.

Using a special calendar planning module, it is possible to upload data to a report form, which makes it significantly easier to process the data later in the SAP financial documentation electronic storage and management system, which had been installed a year earlier. The integration of the two systems enables control over payment of invoices, related to the approved commercial activities.

The installed system has requests filter, search and classification functionalities, assigned to budget categories, approval process functionalities for promotional campaigns and concepts, enabling users to receive e-mail notifications and providing control over activities approval procedure, and statistics generation functionalities.

Integration with financial documentation electronic storage and management system has enabled control over such financial operations as settlement of bills, related to the approved commercial activities. In addition, the system features administrative functionalities, such as delegation of authority and user substitution. The further development of the system's functionalities will include calculation of efficiency for each activity and its cost estimate.

“Tele2 is the most efficient company in the Russian mobile communications market. We are trying to streamline our work on each project, focusing on all stages – from planning to implementation,” said Inessa Galaktionova, Commercial Director of Tele2 Russia. “LCA has helped us to improve business-processes of commercial management and substantially increase operation efficiency in this area.”

“It was very interesting to cooperate with Tele2 Russia representatives when working on this project. There are few companies, working to improve their business processes in this way, especially in business units, where creativity and generation of new ideas have to be in complete agreement with the deadlines, budgets and sales plans,” says Georgy Podbutsky, Commercial Director of Business Logics 2.0.

“The new IBM FileNet-based project is a result of effective cooperation between Tele2 and Business Logics 2.0. I would like to emphasize cooperative spirit in both the customer’s and the contractor’s project teams: The ability to identify the challenge and put forth the appropriate solution is as important as the positive acceptance of new ideas and further transition to working within the same ECM platform. We hope that other Tele2 business-units will see the advantages of IBM FileNet,” said Dmitry Laktionov, Head of the Sales Line for IBM's ECM Solutions in Russia and CIS.

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