I.T. Co. builds up a protected multi-service network for Bashkortostan's IT Agency


I.T. Co. builds up a protected multi-service network for Bashkortostan's IT Agency
I.T. Co. has completed a project related to ensuring information security for data transmission, to support the provision of electronic state services and efficient inter-institutional cooperation for the government authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The transition of the government authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan to providing state services in electronic form, and the implementation of an electronic document management system and a system of inter-institutional interaction placed certain requirements on the basic ICT infrastructure. One such requirement was that a protected segment of the multi-service data transmission network be created. I.T. Co. was selected as the project executor following an open tender.

The senior management of the Information Technologies Agency of the Republic of Bashkortostan decided to expand a segment of its multi-service data transmission network, built in 2009-2010 using a basis of Cisco network equipment. The technical solution was selected by the customer based on a multi-criteria analysis of alternative suppliers' offers. As a result, IT's offer was the best from the point of view of implementation deadlines, cost and service quality. Excellent labor organization (several teams, working simultaneously, were hired from the region and from IT's corporate center) and optimization of the prime cost of works meant that the project could be completed within a short period of time.

The protected segment of the multi-service network created by I.T. Co. consists of the following subsystems:
  • A subsystem for heterogeneous data transfer, including active network equipment for the access point and channeling equipment.
  • An information security subsystem which ensured the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of the data transmitted via a multi-service data network.
  • A monitoring and management subsystem intended for timely detection and elimination of multi-service network faults, real-time monitoring of settings, management of the software and hardware configurations of the active network equipment, access to the equipment, and the collection of statistics and generation of reports.
As a result of implementing the project, I.T. Co's specialists were able to construct a segment of the multi-service network including access points newly put into operation, as well as a firewall system to limit undesirable traffic in accordance with the current laws and the regulatory documentation. In total, 107 facilities, located in 62 regions of the republic, are connected to the protected segment of the multi-service network. Over 1500 users work within the network created, and it can be operated on a 24х7 basis. 

Moreover, I.T. Co. organized centralized monitoring of the telecommunication infrastructure's performance capacity, information security subsystems and security events, and centralized management of all the subsystems and equipment.

The solution created was used as a basis for the subsystem of data cryptographic protection during the exchange of information between Bashkortostan's governmental authorities, using encryption algorithms certified in the Russian Federation. The data cryptographic protection subsystem entails the use of certificates from the Bashkortostan Republic's Certification Center.

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