Business Logic 2.0 Helps Temirbank automate its Business Processes


Business Logic 2.0 Helps Temirbank automate its Business Processes
Business Logic 2.0 from I.T. Group, in partnership with BI Consulting, helps Temirbank automate its business processes using webMethods solutions.

Kazakhstan's leading commercial bank began to use the BPMS platform in 2010. At the time, Temirbank was looking for a solution to standardize customer service approaches throughout all its offices. The most widespread solution for this task is to use CRM solutions, yet the Bank, having analyzed a huge number of IT products, decided to make use of the BPM platform. The reason is that BPM technology makes it possible to design, scale-up, automate, and manage thorough business processes, including those relating to customer services.

In 2010 the Bank began to implement the BPMS system – webMethods, from Software AG. This decision was mainly influenced by the platform's openness and high flexibility for system integration. To begin with, the Bank integrated all internal and external IT systems, using the integration service bus of the webMethods package. In the second stage, the Bank chose its key business processes — debt collection (soft, hard, and legal collection) - to be optimized, automated, and scaled-up.

In 2011 the automation of the collection process was completed, as a result of which a unified customer approach was introduced at all the sales outlets. In addition, the Bank now had a procedure for collecting and analyzing the performance of the staff engaged in these business processes. The next stage was to automate one further set of business processes — six loan processes which, in the Bank's expectations, would result in lower requirements as to the staff qualifications needed to maintain the quality and speed of customer services. To implement this project, the Bank chose Business Logic 2.0.

The company developed a function for performing fast searches of loan applications and reviewing all the data contained in the application in a separate window. The Bank's loan officers can input borrower data manually or from other IT systems, and attach scanned copies of documents. The business processes include a procedure for generating PDF versions of documents created on the basis of data from a loan application.

The project automated the following types of loans - express, car, revolving, mortgage, and deposit or premises pledge.

"When implementing the first stage of the project, we noticed strong improvements in the Bank's IT landscape. The contours of a new IT landscape had begun to form. When integrating IT systems, we received single-point access to any data located either inside the Bank or outside it," says Alexander Trapezin, IT Director, Temirbank. "This played a strong role in further improving the quality and speed of our business processes."

"We are glad to be able to continue our partnership with Kazakhstan's leading bank," comments Yakov Korobko, Director for Business Development in Central Asia, Business Logic 2.0. "We hope that our collaboration with the Bank's experts will result in a better customer experience from day one."

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