Business Logic 2.0 from I.T. Co. is helping to describe the Business Processes of MTS Bank


Business Logic 2.0 from I.T. Co. is helping to describe the Business Processes of MTS Bank
Business Logic 2.0, a company that is part of I.T. Group, has completed a project to describe the business processes of MTS Bank with the help of ARIS solutions.
MTS Bank has already accumulated nearly 6 years of experience in business process modeling. The methods for describing business processes vary depending on the modeling goals and the modeling environment used.

In 2012, due to strong retail growth, MTS Bank felt the need to update its modeling methods and move over to a fundamentally new level in the way the processing base is set up and analyzed. The bank decided to use ARIS solutions as the target platform. This project was carried out in conjunction with experts from Business Logic 2.0. The project yielded a system of methods for unified modeling of the bank's business processes. The Modeling Agreement specifies guidelines and rules for describing business processes. In addition to describing business process methods, Business Logic 2.0 developed ARIS scripts to run a financing and cost analysis and create process flow diagrams. Among other things, the project focused on training the Bank's staff in how to model business processes within the ARIS environment, and in dynamic modeling to review and improve the Bank's existing processes.

To implement a fully-fledged process approach, MTS Bank is creating a Business Process Description team. The Bank intends to use the ARIS environment both to create diagrams of business processes and to improve business processes in accordance with the stated targets.

"We are seeing steady demand for the internal corporate service of business process description. The Heads of the Bank's divisions think in terms of projects and processes and actively participate in all stages of business process development," says Yulia Malyshkina, Director of Business Process Development and Product Description, MTS Bank. "When describing processes, we also try to streamline them."

"When you describe business processes, you need to move into a phase of continual fine-tuning — this cycle will yield much better effects for business. I am certain that the methods to describe business processes which have been developed in the course of our project will become a strong base for further improvement of our business processes," comments Andrey Koptelov, director of BRM Practices, Business Logic 2.0.

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