Bashkortostan State Authorities are implementing SED product family ECM Logics


Bashkortostan State Authorities are implementing SED product family ECM Logics
“Business Logics 2.0” company (I.T. Group) completed the implementation of “ECM Logics. Governmental Control” system of electronic document management (ex “BOSS-Referent BR +”) on JBoss open source software platform in the pilot area of the Republic of Bashkortostan State Authorities. A single system of interdepartmental electronic documents includes 2,200 employees of the central offices of 29 national ministries and departments, handling more than 1,000 documents per day.

The governmental authorities of the Republic of Bashkortostan include 34 organizations with around 7,000 employees. According to expert review of the Agency for Information Technologies of the Republic of Bashkortostan, document management of all republican governmental and departmental bodies comprises of hundreds of thousands of documents per year.

To shorten the processing time of internal and external documents, ensure effective control of the orders and instructions execution, introduce a single standard of work with electronic documents, it was decided to establish a system of interdepartmental workflow and implement local SED in each organization.

Business Logic 2.0 was chosen as the contractor of the project, proposing “ECM Logics. Governmental Control” as the basic system of electronic document management (ex “BOSS-Referent BR +”) based on the Open Source Software. The government authority focused on the use of OSS for several reasons: scale of SED implementation (all regional governmental bodies and its subordinate agencies), significant savings on all phases of the product life cycle, as well as improved reliability and safety of the system functioning.

In close co-operation with Agency for Information Technologies of the Republic of Bashkortostan and the company Business Logic 2.0 the following strategy of SED implementation was developed: collection, analysis and processing of data and requirements, planning and deployment of infrastructure solutions, preparation of system template with preloaded common configuration, replication of system, tailored to the individual needs of organizations and training of the users.

Functional capabilities of “ECM Logics. Governmental Control” allow working with documents in accordance with all governmental rules and regulations.
  • Documents accounting and registration 
  • Creation of resolutions and instructions
  • Creation of card templates
  • Monitoring of orders and instructions execution
  • Creation of documents routes
  • Generation of reports and document bundles
  • Bar-coding and streamlined scan of documents
  • Logging and notification
  • Use of cryptographic information protection 
  • Document search by various criteria
To increase the degree of information support for all governmental levels of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a distributed design of documents processing system was organized, taking into account the internal SED "ECM Logics. Governmental Control” and interaction with external systems: processing system, interdepartmental electronic document flow gateway, third-parties SED, installed in some of the subordinated organizations.

Application of the central processing method allowed us to obtain a stable, easily expandable configuration for the transmission of electronic documents within the Republic with complete control of execution. Exchange mechanism, based on IEDP protocol, allows communication with federal authorities in electronic form. In addition, support of data transfer format in accordance with GOST-R-53898-2010 provided implementation of the legally relevant documents exchange.

Based on common industry standards for data transmission, we have managed to create a flexible and reliable interaction scheme, covering the vertical interaction with the federal governmental authorities, the horizontal interaction between regional executive bodies, and interdepartmental interaction with municipal autonomous bodies.

Design approach to the implementation allowed execution of SED project in the pilot area within very short period of time. It took three months to completely connect 2,200 users to the system. Such a quick implementation of the new electronic document management system was provided by the effective users learning process. Remote online training courses for a large number of users allowed to test users, individual courses were organized for managers and clerks, some brief instructions, videos and memos were created to assist employees.

An important project phase was the integration of SED and AIS COZ RB government services (queries and services processing system), which allowed to organize a centralized processing for public and municipal services applications through the republican portal of government services and to ensure interdepartmental interaction within the framework of applications routing to the corresponding governmental authorities. The experts of Business Logic 2.0 have implemented a single interface solution in the workplace for the employee, who can simultaneously work with organizational-administrative documentation and provide administrative governmental services.

The electronic service AIS COZ RB is developed by I.T. Co. Departmental systems and allows to automate the processes of governmental services provision in electronic form on a single portal of public governmental services.

This project allowed providing of effective electronic communication between the governmental bodies of Bashkortostan, automated document management and processing, including account and control of the entire life cycle of electronic documents, reduced complexity and execution periods for written instructions. Thanks to the efforts of the project team, interdepartmental electronic forms for governmental bodies of the Republic have received the official status with the use of electronic signatures. Also, up-to-date secure remote and mobile access to the documents is provided in accordance with their responsibilities. Mobile access is implemented using “ECM Logics. Mobile” solution, which allows to coordinate remotely and sign documents electronically, distribute the assignments among the employees and monitor their execution. Future project development plans are the replication of electronic document management system for the subordinate departments and increase of the number of users to several thousands. Since it was decided to use open source software, this allows to reduce significantly the ownership costs of the information system.

Ildar Yamalov, head of the Agency for Information Technologies of the Republic of Bashkortostan, comments on the first results of SED implementation: “This project has shown the effectiveness of building scalable distributed system of electronic document based on OSS designed for several thousand of users. “ECM Logics. Governmental Control” solution based on free open software is robust and its quality of service and their provision are as good as the functionality of proprietary systems. The major achievement of the project is implementation of SED within the shortest period of time, which was possible through the use of distance learning, well-planned pre-design survey, and work of the competent project team. The new system has a wide range of functions and ensures our commitment to the challenges of time in case of the need for fast integration with other systems or modifications due to changes in the regulatory and legal framework”.

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