I.T. Co. Implements Single HR Management System in a Beer Brewing and Sale Group of Companies


I.T. Co. Implements Single HR Management System in a Beer Brewing and Sale Group of Companies
I.T. Co. Implements HR management system based on the BOSS-Kadrovik software for the Heineken Group in Russia. Currently I.T. Co. has completed pilot implementation of the system at three enterprises, and moved on to replication of the results at the rest of the Russian plants. The project will be completed by 2010.

The management of the Russian representative office of the company made a decision to implement the new automated HR management system in the beginning of 2008. In March of 2008 the group held a tender for provision of the corresponding software and its implementation services. Winner of the tender became I.T. Co. with system BOSS-Kadrovik developed by company BOSS. Kadroviye Systemi (part of the I.T. Group).

Pursuant to the plan the project was divided into three stages: pilot implementation and two subsequent replications in regional branches. I.T. Co. began the first stage in September of 2008. Over several months I.T. Co. specialists have implemented the system at three pilot sites in Saint Petersburg.

In the Fall of 2009 the project has moved into the stage of replication of the automated system at the other 8 Heineken breweries in Russia. By the beginning of 2010 the single HR management system should cover all Russian enterprises of the Group. Automation will address practically all major HR management business-processes: personnel records, salary and tax calculation, benefits and compensation calculation, personnel selection, training and development. The system will also implement the functions of voluntary and regulatory medical insurance control, work clothes and access control automation. By the end of implementation period the total number of automated HR management system users will reach about 200.

About the Heineken Group in Russia
The Heineken Group in Russia is operating in the Russian market since February 2002.
The Heineken Group in Russia consists of 10 breweries: Shihan, Bashkortostan Republic, Sterlitamak; Volga, Nizhniy Novgorod; Siberian Brewery Heineken, Novosibirsk; Patra, Yekaterinburg; Stepan Razin Brewery, Saint Petersburg; Heineken Baikal Brewery, Irkutsk; AMUR-PIVO in Khabarovsk, PIT in Novotroitsk and LLC Company PIT in Kaliningrad. The trademark portfolio of the Heineken Group in Russia includes 30 brands. The Company holds stable third place in the Russian beer market.

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