AlfaStrakhovanie Switched to Unified Personnel Inventory and Payroll System


AlfaStrakhovanie Switched to Unified Personnel Inventory and Payroll System
I.T. Co. together with the project team of AlfaStrakhovanie accomplished a development project of a unified information system of personnel inventory and payroll. From February to December 2009 the solution based on the BOSS-Kadrovik platform was implemented in more than 80 branches of the insurance company across Russia. This project finalized the process of personnel management in all of AlfaStrakhovanie, which was started in 2008.

The development of unified system for personnel inventory and payroll for all regional representative offices of AlfaStrakhovanie was a logical follow-up of BOSS-Kadrovik system deployment at headquarters in the Moscow regional center of JSC AlfaStrakhovanie and LLC AlfaStrakhovanie-Life. BOSS-Kadrovik was integrated with the accounting system Parus Accounting and Oracle E-Business Suite ERP system.

At the initial stage of the project the numerous regional representative offices were operating different, not connected to one another systems designed to operate a range of personnel management functions including payroll. This fact was not only impeding the prompt personnel management decision-making process but also was imposing limits on labor costs planning. Therefore, I.T. Co. specialists were challenged to create a unified personnel database, to centralize the payroll process for all employees of the insurance group.

The project was launched in February 2009 due to the active participation of AlfaStrakhovanie project team on the stage of project implementation, and was accomplished in record-setting time in December 2009. During this period, I.T. Co. specialists executed data transfer from previously existing systems, configured the necessary system settings and provided training on the new system to the staff of regional network offices. Currently, about 7000 records on employees of the insurance company are processed by the unified system. The most significant result of the project is the setting of necessary conditions to form a Unified Payments Center of the company, which allows not only to apply a common standards and conditions to labor compensation of different categories of employees and to increase work efficiency of accountants but also to reduce maintenance fees.

“This project is another step towards achievement of one of the strategic aims of our company – to become one of the best employers in the Finance sector in Russia. The system created within the project framework will allow us to increase work efficiency of HR departments, to undertake a single policy of human resource management, as well as to receive real-time and reliable consolidated information on the company in broad terms”, Alexander Korshunov, OAO AlfaStrakhovanie Project Manager, said.

About AlfaStrakhovanie
AlfaStrakhovanie is one of the largest Russian insurance companies with a universal service package, which includes both complex security programs to protect business interests as well as a wide range of insurance products for individuals. In accordance with license AlfaStrakhovanie provides more than 100 insurance services including life insurance.
AlfaStrakhovanie groups under one brand JSC AlfaStrakhovanie and LLC AlfaStrakhovanie-Life. The consolidated statutory capital of AlfaStrakhovanie equals 5 billion rubles. Find more information on   

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