I.T. Co. Launches Digital Printing Office in Omsk State Technical University


I.T. Co. Launches Digital Printing Office in Omsk State Technical University
I.T. Co. implemented one of the first digital printing projects - equipping Omsk State Technical University with a digital printing system. I.T. Co. created a full-function system based on InfoPrint hardware and software, which is able to meet the printing needs of the university during the next coming years.

The large volume of printing and copying work of various study, tutorial and scientific materials, reprinting work, as well as expert assessment of future needs, all were crucial factors when taking decision on the startup of the university digital printing office. In accordance with the state contract, signed with Omsk State Technical University, I.T. Co. supplied and put into service a set of equipment, including a full-color printer with copying and network scanning (raster image processor) features, integrated inline finishing options to process printing materials (leaflet maker, book folder, binder and trimmer) and special software, needed for normal operation of publishing house and digital printing office.

Mainly the products of InfoPrint Solutions, established in 2007 by Ricoh and IBM, were used to create the digital printing office for Omsk State Technical University. Namely this manufacturer, due to its reliability and ability to provide competitive solutions, became I.T. Co.’s strategic partner when launching the company’s Digital Printing Solutions Department. InfoPrint Pro – C900S, the first in Russia industrial full-color digital printer, was installed at the same university.

“The project for Omsk State Technical University is one of the remarkable examples of professional management approach to such an important process of each education institution as in-house publishing” Mikhail Stepanov, I.T. Co. Project Director of Digital Print Systems said, -“Despite the fact that the present market situation remains quite difficult, the launch of such printing offices is economically justified. Most likely, the payback will take several years, but the efficiency is beyond any doubts. In any case, university digital printing office is a great help. This project is also interesting because the initial aim was to fully integrate the digital printing system with the university’s electronic document management system. Eventually, it became possible for Omsk State Technical University not simply to purchase a set of equipment but to receive a complete, integrated system managed by special software. It is worth mentioning that this software made it possible to manage other printing equipment, owned by Omsk State Technical University, regardless of the equipment model and manufacturer. It was done in order to streamline the paper document flow, reduce printing costs and achieve energy efficiency”.

“Nowadays, not each Moscow University could boast to have similar printing system. The Omsk State Technical University project is important because we can demonstrate to other universities, based on our personal experience, the advantages of having an in-house digital printing office and its tremendous importance both for academic and other activities”, Mikhail Stepanov summed up.

“I would like to note, that after the purchase of InfoPrint Solutions digital line printer, our printing materials showed higher quality improvement. Printed books and leaflets look great because now they are multicolor, with wonderful deep colors and greater sharp appearance. This gives us confidence that our printing materials will be more diverse, attractive and will satisfy the most demanding customers, as well as allow our university to be competitive on the market for printing services. Thus, it will let us reach a new quality level of printing materials”, Larisa Nikolaevna Necheporenko, Omsk State Technical University Editorial Director, said.

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